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  • 1. Who provides utilities?

    Water - Hilltop Lakes Water Supply Corporation Sewer - Septic only by property owners Electric - Navasota Valley Electric Coop

  • 2. Who provides police and fire services?

    Leon County Sheriffs Deputies provide security. Hilltop Lakes provides a Volunteer Fire Dept. and a Volunteer E.M.S.

  • 3. What school district serves Hilltop Lakes?

    Normangee I.S.D. which is about 9 miles from Hilltop Lakes.

  • 4. Who can assist in the hauling off of metal and/or appliances?


    1. Thomas Marcantel with Marcantel Septic at 979-224-0010 to coordinate pickup (PLEASE coordinate amongst each other first so he can have 1 pickup all of all items on the same day). Alternatively, very soon he will be keeping a trailer at the burn pile for metal and/or appliance drop offs.
    2. Wallace & Joyce Alewell - 979-220-0343 (they live here in Hilltop) scrap metal, aluminum cans, miscellaneous.
    3. For additional referrals contact the water department 936-855-2995. Ask for Meta
  • 5. What are the rules and resources for bulk trash pickup?

    Bulk trash pickup: Scheduled the last Wednesday of each month BUT NO Metal or Glass allowed.

  • 6. What is the minimum square footage you can build?

    The square footage varies in the different sections - some sections require 800 sq. ft. minimum while others require up to 1,400 sq. ft minimum.

  • 7. Can you build your own home?

    Yes. You can contract and/or build your own home subject to the deed restrictions.

  • 8. Can you use any builder you wish?

    Yes. Property owners are allowed to select any builder they wish, provided the builder agrees to abide by the rules and regulations in the deed restrictions.

  • 9. What is the price range of building lots and homes?

    This solely depends on the person you are buying from. A list of local Realtors is available.