POA Member FAQs

General FAQs

Hilltop Lakes started out as 4,400 acre ranch bought by J.B. Belin in 1962.

In June of 1998, the Property Owners' Association bought Hilltop Lakes from J.B. Belin. Hilltop Lakes now belongs to the Property Owners' Association.

4,400 acres, 150 miles of road, 19 of which are paved. There is a total of 9.983 platted lots. The average size lot it 80'x120'.

Beginning in July of 2020 the Board of Directors voted to increase maintenance fees for property owners with improved property, (homeowners) to $110, and increase them again to $120 in January of 2022. Beginning in July of 2020 the Board of Directors voted to continue a discounted rate on unimproved property with a smaller increase, raising the fee to $55 a month, (lot owners)

There are approximately 660 homes.

Approximately 1,000+ people live in Hilltop Lakes.

Yes. You can contract and/or build your own home subject to the deed restrictions with approved ACC Permits.

This solely depends on the person you are buying from. A list of local Realtors is available.

Yes!  Indian Woods Campgrounds is located within Hilltop Lakes and has both RV and tent sites.


Non-property-owner rates are $50.00/night and $625.00/month

Property owner discounted rates are $30.00/night and $470.00/month.

The Hilltop RV Park has thirty-five available spots. You can check their availability here.

Indian Wood Campground & RV Park has bookings up to ninety days in advance. If you want to book before then, call us at (936) 855-2222.

Check-in time for the Indian Woods Campground & RV Park is 3:00pm, and check-out time is 2:00pm.