Apache Security Services

Apache Security Services, is dedicated to providing our community with a safer environment for our property owners. They are here to provide prevention, protection, patrol services and security checks for residents.

To have the security officers check on your house while it is unoccupied, please fill out the form “Request for Security Check” and return it to the Welcome Center.


For non-emergencies, please call 936.218.4282.

To dispatch an officer to your location, please call the 936.218.4282


  1. Always lock doors, house and cars.
  2. Any suspicious activity, please call Patrol. If possible, take notes such as descriptions of vehicles and/or people, license plate numbers,  etc.
  3. Solicitation is not allowed at Hilltop Lakes so please call Patrol if someone knocks at your door trying to sell something.
  4. Always be aware of your surroundings.