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Hilltop Lakes Golf Course, known for its challenging narrow fairways and small greens, was meticulously designed by Ralph M. Plummer. The course underwent significant enhancements in 2023 with the introduction of brand-new greens on the front nine, offering players multiple opportunities for birdie amidst a challenging landscape.

The opening hole, a slightly uphill fairway, sets the tone for the course, featuring a tiered green that poses a challenge to even the most skilled putters. While the course predominantly follows a straight path, exceptions include dogleg holes No. 2 and No. 6, both strategically guarded by sand bunkers. The par 3 holes demand precision and respect from players. Hole No. 9 marks the beginning of a downhill journey towards the turn, presenting a chance for long hitters to attempt a drivable par 4, balancing risk and reward with the potential long shot into the sloped green bordering a street below.

The back nine starts with an opportunity for players to make up ground before the uphill challenge of the par 5 No. 11. Lined with trees and challenging yaupon obstacles, strategic play is rewarded by keeping shots on the fairway. Notable among the back nine is Hole No. 14, known as the "Bear Claw," featuring two water hazards that test players' placement skills and offer a picturesque view, while emphasizing the importance of strategic gameplay. The course presents opportunities for players to strategically navigate shortcuts through the woods on subsequent holes, showcasing a blend of challenge and reward.

The round concludes with Hole No. 18, providing another opportunity for players to secure a birdie. Dudley Bell, the resident golf professional during the course's development, praised Hilltop Lakes Golf Course as "One of the sportiest and most beautiful layouts" available, highlighting its unique and captivating design that continues to enchant players with its strategic challenges and scenic beauty.