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November 10, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm










Present:  Rocky Walker, Melody Vidaurri, Rene Castilla, Dee Kirk, Dene Huettel, Floyd Garrison, Ron Ryder, and Connie Saxton.

Absent:  Ray Vogt and Joe Bledsoe


I.          Call to Order – President Walker


II.        Invocation – Given by President Walker


III.       Welcome to Members and Guests – President Walker asked the Treasurer (the

            Board does not have a Secretary at this time) if we had a quorum of members.

            Treasurer Castilla replied, “We do not.”   President Walker thanked everyone for

            coming out.   President Walker stated Jim Thornton, President of the Hilltop Lakes

            Water Supply Board, had an announcement to make.  Mr. Thornton said at the

            last “Meet the Candidate” meeting, Joe Bledsoe stated the POA board had financial

            responsibility to the water company for any additions.    He was right and

            is owed an apology.   The POA Board is responsible for the financial expansion to

            the existing water company.   This happened when the POA bought from the

            developer.   He then read a letter “In a board meeting held on Tuesday, April 17,

            2007, Director Radar stated that there was $537,000 that the developer had

            approval from the IRS to defer his taxes on.   This carries over to the POA.   This

            money can only be used toward expansion of the water system.  As the water board

            expands the system, reimbursement will be made to the water board and the

            indebtedness reduced.”    POA only reimburses for water expansion additions; the

            water department has spent over $300,000 in the last 2-3 years refurbishing this

            water company.   We are still refurbishing; we just bought 4,000’ of pipe to replace

            existing pipe.   That is water department’s responsibility.   Water system, as it is

            now, will handle about 850 homes.   If Hilltop develops as we hope it does, we will

            have a lot of financial responsibility.   To drill nine more wells to add another 600-

           700 new homes, it will cost over a million dollars, not counting storage tanks, lines,

            etc.   As of today, the POA has reimbursed us $39,371.75 so POA is still indebted to

            the water company for $497.628.25.    If anyone wants a copy, please go to the Water



IV.       Presentation of Minutes – November 11, 2017 – Twentieth Annual Meeting – President Walker stated copies are available if anyone wants to read.
V.        Report on 2017 Audit of Books and Records-Treasurer Castilla reported we got clean audits from Thompson, Derrick & Craig; ending with no material weaknesses.   Basis of accounting for the association on an accrual basis-income is recognized when earned and expenses are recorded when occurred.    Lease of golf carts ran out this year.  On 401K retirement plan for our employees, Hilltop contributed $5,085 for the year 2017.   Equipment that was purchased in 2016 was a tractor (financed at 0%, payments are $910 for four (4) years) and will be paid off in 2021.   Copy of the audit is available at the Welcome Center.
VI.       Reports from Directors, Officers and Committees:
  1. Architectural Control Committee-Treasurer Castilla thanked the

members of the committee –Kari Hodges, Don Huettel, Curtiss Donahoe,

Floyd Garrison, and Melody Vidaurri.   In 2017, we had 71 permits

issued.   Most popular permit was lot clearing.   Three homes were

permitted in 2018 and 2017; seven (7) new homes in 2016.

  1. Golf Course Report-None
  2. Airport Report- Director Kirk reported they are focusing on keeping the

taxiway clear, yaupon growth down.   Some things they want board to

look at in a five-year plan is the repairs to the runway (is forming cracks-

needs to be resealed, resurfaced).

  1. Lakes Report-Director Ryder says lakes are going to be a big expense in

the future.   Right now they are in great shape.   The dams are a problem-

don’t meet the state minimum safety requirements for high hazard dams.

We have passed every test possible to show that they are in good shape,

they will pass; we just don’t have the money to do the test to prove all

that.   It costs about $5,000 per dam.   Dee Kirk has spent a lot of time

negotiating with TCEQ pointing out that our dams just withstood a 200-

year event.  They agreed and gave us more time to spend the money on

actual repairs rather than trying to prove the dams will withstand a 100-

year event.    The bulkhead is washing out at Lake Tonkawa.   We have to

replace that entire bulkhead.    We will have to hire an engineer to do a

study before any repairs.   They will tell us which way to repair.   TCEQ

was here for two (2) days, November 5th & 6th,  inspecting the dams and

stated our dams are as good as any they have seen anywhere in the state

of Texas that were privately owned.   We just have to keep cutting brush,

keep the critters off, etc., and maintenance has done a great job on that.

  1. Security-Apache-Vice-President Vidaurri stated Apache has been on the

job forty-one (41) days.  She introduced Officer Wayne Hawkins.

Vandalism has been reduced.  911 has been called twice where Apache

showed up and Leon County did not.   Apache has responded to two

different storms.   They do house checks.   They have identified a lot of

safety issues.   Apache locks and secures all of Hilltop’s buildings.

Upcoming:  Working with Dee Kirk on lake rules, procedures, policies,

etc.  Apache will be checking for stickers on boats and property owner

cards.   In the Apache reports, six (6) children were driving golf carts; we

are proposing to send letters to parents.


VII.     Reports from:

  1. Equine Club-Director Kirk reported twenty-one (21) horses. Someone is

interested in starting up Play Days and Practice Days, geared toward

youth.   Fees will be collected for using arena and play days.   Money will

be used to improve the stables’ area.

We do have issues with the outside lights and will need to be repaired.

We have had a lot of improvements this year-thanks to Bill Johnson and

David Hodges who gave their time.   They rebuilt the wash racks,

reattached the tin to the building , etc.    We do have more work projects.

  1. Volunteer Fire Department/EMS-Bill Bilsing-Fire Department averaged

two (2) calls a month.   We did everything to lift assists, traffic control,

extraction from a car wreck, getting a child out of a locked car, house

fire, etc.   We instituted training with three (3) neighboring (North Zulch,

Normangee, and Flynn) fire departments.    Fund-raising is continual;

just short of money.  We need you to support us; we need firefighters.

Traci Ratliff-EMS-EMS also has mutual aid with Jewett; we all have to

work together.  Fire Department and EMS started out with volunteers.

We don’t always have a paramedic on duty but we are covered 24/7.   In

2017, we had 148 calls.    As of November 9, 2018, we have already had

172 calls.   We did 88 transports; we do use the helicopter more.  If you

don’t have AirVac and PHI helicopter insurance, please get it.

We do need money; we appreciate every single person donating.   Easy

way of donating is through the Water Department.   Projected budget for

2018 is $390,000; by end of August, we had used $245,000.    Annual

meeting is in January, the third Saturday.

  1. S.W. Leon County ESD #2-Ruth Hime, President of ESD #2 reported

downward spiral for last few years of tax income to ESD #2 but this year,

there has been a small increase of $10,000.   At the end of 2017-2018

fiscal year, current assets totaled  $316,272 which includes $66,844 in

accounts receivable (uncollected property tax).    This leaves $249,000 in

cash to operate.  In 2019, our net taxable value from Leon County Tax

Appraisal District is $217,000,000 which the ESD should receive

$217,000.   Rate is set by state law.  We elected to fund the Fire

Department in the amount of $215,000 which means we will be

reducing our reserve by $21,000.     The $215,000 does not cover their

annual payroll, plus cost of administration, supplies, fuel, etc.   We ask

the community to get behind the fire department with your support.

Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at the new fire station at 7




VIII.    Report from President-President Walker-Thanked Chris Moss from the Normangee

Star.   Thanked everyone for coming.   Everyone has talked about money

here/there-we could raise the dues to $150 per person in this room and we might

break about even.   It shows everyone needs money.   Just remember, the new board

coming in is going to have some hard decisions to make-expenses versus income

running about 1 1/2% which isn’t enough.   There will be some discussions this next

year about raising the maintenance fees or a one-time assessment fee.  POA needs

money also.


He thanked Dee Kirk and Ron Ryder for their outstanding work on the dams – a lot

of work has been done.   Volunteers have helped with equine and airport.   Thanked

Melody Vidaurri for all her help and getting volunteers together.   Thanked all the

board members for their help.    Also thanked the Nominating/Elections Committee

(members stood up).


  1. Report on Finances & the 2018 Budget-Treasurer Castilla stated this is his final

report and will be year-to-date financial summary from January 1, 2018 –October

31, 2018.   Revenue generated was $2,100,000; expenses $1,877,000 netting $223,000.

Capital outlays is $107,000:   Roof for the community center, post office extension

(thanked Bill Johnson for all his work not only on the post office extension but

everywhere), $54,000 for roof on lodge, $5,000 on roof for a villa.   Margin between

income and expense is too narrow.   Finance committee will have last meeting

Tuesday.    They are finalizing the 2019 budget for the new board to adopt in

January.   Thanked Tiffani McKinney, Dene Huettel, and Janice Hall.


  1. Recognition of Outgoing Directors-President Walker recognized and gave each a

plaque:  Rene Castilla, Joe Bledsoe and Ray Vogt.


  1. Recognition of Directors for December 2018 – December 2021-President Walker

introduced Mike Sizemore, Steve Brodine, and John Lagravier as new board



XII.     Recognition of 2018 Nominating Committee-President Walker recognized Nancy

Kiely, Beth Millett, Ann Falconer, David Hodges and Chair Melody Vidaurri.


XIII.    Presentation of Citizen of the Year 2018 Award-President Walker was pleased to

announce two (2) Citizens of the Year-Judy Martindale and Bill Johnson.


XIV.    2019 Annual Meeting will be conducted on November 9, 2019, at 10:00 a.m.


  1. Member Comments to the Board

John Faulk:  State law mandates that you shall have annual meeting.    Putting you

on notice to call in sixty (60) days an annual meeting and reduce the number of

people required for a quorum.   If you don’t do it on the sixty-first day or so, I will

file with Leon County.  I appreciate that I finally got a voter’s list.   Why is it by

section, alphabetized, etc.?

Ron Treat:   Invited veterans to the Lions Club meeting on Thursday, at 6:30 p.m.

Myron Chidester:  President of Wildlife Committee-So far, they have taken 90 hogs

off the hill since January.


XVI.    Adjourn

Director Garrison motioned to adjourn; Director Vidaurri seconded.  Meeting was

adjourned at 11:55 a.m.




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November 10, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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