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April 13, 2020

OPEN SESSION @ 2:00 P.M. – Community Center

CLOSED SESSION @ 2:01 P.M. – Community Center

OPEN SESION @ 3:00 P.M. – Community Center





Present:  Annette Craig, Bill Johnson, Steve Brodine, Randy Schiamara, John Lagravier, Dee Kirk, Melody Vidaurri, and Mike Sizemore

Absent:  Dene Huettel





  1. INVOCATION by Treasurer Brodine

PLEDGES by Director Kirk




  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR February 10, 20, 27, March 5, and 14, 2020, was

motioned by Director Schiamara to accept minutes as corrected by suggestions made,

seconded by Dee Kirk.  Vote was unanimous.


  2. Legal
  3. Personnel


  1. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION @ 3:00 P.M. by President Craig.


VII.       RECAP OF CLOSED SESSION-President Annette stated a lot of legal

conversations held with our attorney regarding the COVID-19 and also in respect to the maintenance fees and how we need to manage the increase.   There was also a             personnel issue discussed which is clearly confidential.



Specific decisions can be made outside of meetings using conference calls and/or emails.   One of the requirements is that the decisions must be recapped in the very next open session which follows:


1)  On an email exchange March 23rd and 24th, the POA Board in connection with COVID-19 decided to cancel these events:  the Hilltop spring beautification day was cancelled; the Rabbit Run became a virtual race; the Egg-stravaganza including egg hunt has been cancelled with intent to refund all the fees; golf tournament scheduled for March 28th is cancelled with refund of fees collected.  The only committees to meet would be the ACC and Finance; all others cancelled until further notice.  The Regular POA meeting scheduled for March 26th has been postponed until we could go live steam which is today.   The door at the Welcome Center will be locked and only limited access to inside allowed.  The Post Office will continue to follow the Houston guidelines.  The entire Lodge and gym are on lockdown until further notice.    Pro Shop at that time was open but no selling of food nor drinks plus some adjustments were made to minimize employee contact.  Golf carts are sanitized after each use.   One golfer per golf cart was implemented.    Gloves on hands were in place especially when handling money and/or credit cards.   Community Center on lockdown with the exception of ACC, Finance and POA Board holding meetings (with social distancing).   Pilot’s Lounge was limited to four (4) people until further notice.   Motel was open to property owners and their guests only.  The Teen Center was closed along with the Pool which is not opened at this time anyway and may not be as scheduled for May 1.  Campground business as usual. Tennis is normal (with no more than 10 people).  Stables operations are normal.   Access to Burn Pile is normal operations.   Golf course:  No events involving more than 10 people.   Annette will meet with the Employees to discuss current actions.   We ensured Housekeeping understands correct protocol with cleaning rooms.  With respect to property owners, we met with the staff and explained how billing would go forward.  We agreed to increase communication via email.  We also agreed to set up an official POA Facebook page for managing communications outbound.   We delayed sending out newsletter to amend it.  All Board meetings going forward are to be broadcasted via the internet or Facebook.

2)  March 25th email:   We agreed to rent one (1) villa for a month to a property owner at a reduced rate with reduced housekeeping services.

3)  March 30th email:  We agreed to cease golf cart rentals; only private carts with current stickers are to be on the golf course.

4)  March 31st:    In response to the Shelter in Place order from Leon County Judge Ryder, we made the following additional changes and/or amendments to previous decisions:    Welcome Center will operate under minimal basic operation as defined in County Order; will be closed to visitors; appointment only; some staff working at home.   Pro Shop will be closed until further notice.  Gatherings at the Golf Course should be in the standards set in the order.   Golf Course:  Property owner’s use of the golf course will be permitted as long as social distancing is observed; no large groups; only golf carts with current stickers will be utilized   Pilot’s Lounge now should be used for emergencies only.   Re the hotel/villas, no new reservations will be taken during the affected period of the order.  We will allow reservations for later in the year but if the order is extended, reservations will be cancelled.

4)  March 31st email:  We agreed to defer rent amounts for Hilltop Lakes Salon.

5)  On April 1st email:   We agreed to remove the marquee sign as the posts are rotting and presenting a hazard.

6)  On April 3rd conference call:  We agreed to consult with the attorney re COVID-19 issues and to proceed with a loan application with SBA under the Paycheck Protection Plan.   If we agreed to sign for the loan, we would have to vote on that in a open session.  We talked about the campground host leaving mid-April and how to handle that going forward.   We agreed to move forward with a contract with Frentress doing the engineering work and EAP on Lake Tonkawa.



Animal Control Officer is ill and not able to perform duties. The Board has agreed that no new animals will be picked up and taken to the shelter.   We will not be providing any service as is customary-do not take any dogs to the shelter until further notice.




  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Maintenance Fee Increase-President Craig has gathered four (4) pages of discussion from the March Town Hall Meeting on this subject.   We need $360,000 more to do in 2020 what was done in 2019.   Each director then discussed their thoughts on the increase proposal.


Director Vidaurri motioned to support the $110 per month for all lots.   Director Lagravier seconded.   Director Vidaurri amended her motion to include implementation on July 1, 2020, and then January 1, 2022, an additional $10 to be levied and then another $10 increase starting January 1, 2023.   January 1, 2024, increase will equal to 3% or previous year CPI, whichever is higher.  Director Lagravier seconded the amended motion.  All directors voted in favor except Treasurer Brodine who opposed.


Director Lagravier motioned a waiver for unimproved lots of $50 making the fee $60.   Director Vidaurri seconded.   Director Lagravier amended his motion  to lots belonging to a property owner with no dwelling on any lot will have a waiver of $50 on one lot and full waiver on contiguous lots that meet the current rules for full waivers.   Net will be $60 per month.   Director Vidaurri seconded.   Director Lagravier amended his motion to a waiver of $55 instead of $50 so monthly fee would be $55 for unimproved lots with future waivers with no plans of future increases right now.   Directors Brodine and Schiamara voted against; other directors voted for.


Director Sizemore motioned that lots with multiple owners will continue to result in a maintenance fee increase for each owner (current rules apply).  Director Lagravier seconded and vote was unanimous.



  1. ADJOURN-Meeting was adjourned at 5:09 p.m. after a motion from Treasurer Brodine and a second from Director Sizemore.





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April 13, 2020
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Community Center