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POA Board Meeting





December 13, 2019




Present:  Annette Craig, Bill Johnson, Dene Huettel, Steve Brodine, John Lagravier, Dee Kirk, Melody Vidaurri, Randy Schiamara, Mike Sizemore and Connie Saxton.



  1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER by President Craig and moved meeting to Tonkawa Room.


  1. INVOCATION – President Craig


III.        APPROVAL OF AGENDA – Director Schiamara motioned for approval of Agenda; Treasurer

Brodine seconded.  President Craig amended the agenda to explain the purpose of

meeting.  Vote was unanimous.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES December 5, 2019 – Secretary Huettel motioned to accept the minutes;

Vice-President Johnson seconded.  Amended minutes were unanimously approved as




Joyce Perkins:  Thanked the Board for moving to a larger room.   Suggestion was to have open

meetings in the evenings.   She invited everyone for breakfast with Santa on December 14, arts

and crafts, gingerbread house that evening and ugly sweater contest.

Ralph Hambrick:   For future references 1) procedure electing officers can be much simpler

2) when agenda is published, if there is a proposal or motion, that the proposal be described.        Deni Kunz:  Welcomed new board members; when planning, expect a big turnout.    Comments

concerning more info on items to be discussed.

Hank Dembosky:  Suggestion to introduce item @ one meeting; give it time to understand; then

bring it back to next meeting for a vote.


  2. Amended.   INTRODUCTION:  President Craig called this meeting for the purpose of

establishing a starting place for this 9-member board.    We will be having discussions of things

in the works and items that previous Board members know about but the three new ones don’t.

The intent is for Board members to share information.

  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION: 9-Member Board Ways of Working Alignment –

President Craig stated she expected to enter 2020 with the Board on same page with respect to

business of the POA.    The Board has been elected to manage the business of the association;

we need to agree on basic ways of working.   Our bylaws call for the board meetings to operate

under Robert’s Rules of Order.   The basic purpose of using Robert’s Rules of Order is to

ensure that all members of an assembly or a board/group has fair and equal opportunity to be

heard to present their perspective during a discussion or debate.  It is meant to prevent one-

sided discussions and prevent unproductive  “hogging of the floor”.     Robert’s Rules of

Orders are written for management of large assemblies, boards, or groups.    One of the rules   demonstrating this is limiting the members to one opportunity to speak on a given topic that is       being debated.

We need a clear understanding of interacting and agree to and hold accountable ways of


1)  be courteous-don’t interrupt

2)  big subject (major) open to floor

3)  lay out issue, discuss, testimonies, more public involvement

4)  policies and rules (already passed) need to be supported

5)  commitment to be open-minded

6)  be respectful to all

7)  projects input from different areas-agreement to meet in small groups

8)  we agree to debate, discuss, decide, move on; don’t discuss on Facebook

9)  all get information at same time (share of common info)


  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION: 2019-2020 Board Orientation & Alignment
  2. Training for Board Members

Open Meeting Act

Public Information Act

Robert’s Rules of Order


Fiduciary Responsibility

Training of running committees & volunteers

More workshops together as Board

Team Building

Melody Vidaurri and Dene Huettel volunteered to head training.

  1. Documents that need to be updated to create a document to be used in the beginning

of the year as a checklist:

Contact list of board members

Website:  Bios, policies (signed and dated)

Signature Cards

Wells Fargo Bank

Normangee State Bank

Community Bank


Secretary of State

Bingo – Lottery Division

Heartland (Roy Borgman)


Dams:  EAP including tabletop exercise


O & M Manuals

H & H Reports

iii.  Notifications that need to be made

  1. Debrief of current & upcoming/anticipated issues for last year’s committees:

ACC-John Lagravier – ACC approves permits based on guidelines, deed

restrictions, etc.  Some applications do require a variance.  ACC sends out violation

letters but need to have a better system of enforcing violations.

Lakes & Dams – Mike Sizemore reported dam @ Tonkawa has an

extension until May to get an engineering report.  The Board approved a vendor to do

the work but the contract has not been signed because TCEQ needs to approve.

Dee Kirk stated we still have to eventually pass a 75% PMF which will require a lot of

studies and changes to the dams.   This will be very costly-need a long-range plan to

finance these projects.  Bill Johnson stated piers are a safety issue.   He submitted a

study of floating piers about two years ago.

11:38 – 10-minute break

11:49 –  reconvened meeting

Airport-Dee Kirk stated about four (4) retired pilots serve as safety advisory

board for the airport and check maintenance items such as lights and beacons

working on runway, and taxiways are safe.    Up and coming is the runway because

the cracks are increasing.   They would like an expert to do an evaluation and get an

estimate for future planning.    Another issue is the overhead limbs on the taxiways.

Bylaws:  Melody Vidaurri reported nothing upcoming.   She commented to

not wait until the last minute to change bylaws.

Nominating/Elections:  Melody Vidaurri stated committee is a six (6)

member Board with one (1) chair.   Pending items will be passed on to the new chair.

Minutes are to be held at the office (for any standing committees).

Finance:  John Lagravier stated the purpose was to meet and brainstorm

about troubles, policies to improve finances, etc.    Chris is responsible for the

budget, with input from department heads.

Security-Melody Vidaurri read reports every day.  She knows the locations

of the cameras.  The sign-in sheet at the Front Desk was set up for security purposes.                                                    Golf Course:  There is a need for a committee.

Marketing/Economic-Mike Sizemore stated marketing Hilltop is done

through events and activities. He joined Leon County Economic Development

Association; Hilltop should be the hub.   Computers and/or software needs to be


Maintenance-Melody Vidaurri started implementing policies and

procedures over the last two (2) years; crew is now professional and skilled.

Maintenance does need equipment.    Teen Center needs repair.  Navasota Valley

Electric has street lights that are not working.   Roads are in bad shape.   Guardrails

for new bridge on Golf View Drive North need to be bent back or put barrels there.

Beaver Dam on Ranch Road needs new culverts. Maintenance is starting a monthly

safety training.   Another ongoing item is the grease trap at the restaurant.

Parks & Campgrounds:  Steve Brodine reported issues at the campground;

plumbing problem under the building, electrical issues causing the budget to be a little

over.   For 2020, the campground needs a clean, upface on the showers and inside.  On

the parks, he thanked Joyce Perkins & Deni Kunz.   Without them, we would not have a

new playground.    Money came from Troupe Over the Hill and the Race Series, etc.

Next thing for 2020 will be the putt-putt golf course.   In 2021 will be the Tonkawa Park.

Welcoming Committee-Dene Huettel reported the name change to

Hospitality Committee.   They had two (2) Newcomer’s Coffees.   Great participation

from organizations and property owners; however, not a great turnout from new

property owners which was the purpose of the Newcomer’s Coffee.

Executive Committee-Melody Vidaurri reported they were discussing

contracts, particularly the ones coming up.  Sprinkler system for the golf course needs

to be addressed.

  1. Debrief of current & upcoming/anticipated issues not associated with any committee
  2. Potential current & upcoming/anticipated issues from new Board Members

vii. Board Authority & Responsibility


Dismissed for lunch recess of 60 minutes-will return at 2:00 p.m. for closed session.


2:00 P.M.  – Reconvened to Closed Session – started with VII.  Personnel



  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION: Current Contracts not previously mentioned
  2. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION: Potential Town Hall Meetings in 2020
  3. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION:  Potential Workshops for BOD
  4. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION: Day-to-day Operations of the POA Business Director

Vidaurri made a motion to vote on liaison/contact people for the different departments;

Director Kirk seconded her motion.  Director Sizemore was appointed for the Post Office;

Vice-President Johnson was appointed for Maintenance; Administration is Secretary

Huettel; and Randy Schiamara was appointed for Golf.   Vote was unanimous for the above

liaison/contact people for the departments.

  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION: Committees for 2020-Madame President Craig shared

her thoughts and perspectives on committees, committee chairs, and membership.

Director Vidaurri made a motion to table the following Agenda items (not completed), to

record in the Minutes for future discussion:

  1. C.  (v) (vi) (vii); D, E,  & F (additional comments).




VIII.      RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION-Meeting was reconvened to Open Session.  In the Closed

Session, it was:

Agreed that board members who were available would attend the annual employee holiday

luncheon on December 20th– no cost to the POA associated with this decision.

Board members would make requests of employees (i.e., information, copies, etc.) through

their respective supervisor, in writing, rather than going directly to the employee – no cost to

POA associated with this decision.

Agreed that in the absence of a GM, there is a need for more communication between

supervisors & Board of Directors, as well as between all employees and BOD.  No firm plans

made yet – no cost to POA associated with this decision.


  1. ADJOURN-Director Sizemore motioned to adjourn; Director Schiamara seconded. Meeting was

adjourned by President Craig.





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December 13, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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