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POA Annual Board Meeting











Present:  Rocky Walker, Melody Vidaurri, Dee Kirk, Dene Huettel, Mike Sizemore, John Lagravier, Floyd Garrison, Steve Brodine and Connie Saxton



I.         Call to Order by President Walker at 10 a.m.


II.        Invocation by President Walker.


III.       Welcome to Members and Guests –President Walker asked Secretary Vidaurri if we

            had a quorum of members.  Secretary Vidaurri replied, “We do not.”


IV.       Presentation of Minutes – November 10, 2018 – Twenty-First Annual Meeting – we can provide copies if requested.
V.        Report on 2018 Audit of Books and Records – Treasurer Lagravier reported there is a draft of the auditor’s report and the auditor will be here December 5th to go over that.
VI.       Reports from Directors, Officers and Committees:
  1. Architectural Control Committee-Chairman Lagravier reported for this

year currently we have issued 59 permits-four (4) of them for new homes.

In comparison to 2018, 72 permits were issued including five new homes.

  1. Golf Course Report-Director Garrison reported the MGA has purchased

a greens roller and donated to the golf course which has helped the

condition of the greens.  That is one of the things the tournament money

is being used to help improve the golf course.   The increase in the trail

fee has purchased additional equipment and thanked everyone for that.

Troy Petty has started over seeding for this year and has several projects

he has started along with the sand trap improvements, some leveling on

the tee boxes and dead tree removal.  There are ongoing irrigation issues.

Year-to-date (September, 2019) income for the Pro Shop is $109,457;

expenses of $110,000; and the golf course expenses are $333,807.

Numbers are within the budget; he commended the supervisors for that.

18,507 rounds of golf have been played to date by 16,186 property

owners and 2,321 non-property owners.    WGA Club Champion for the

year is Shirley Schiamara; MGA Club Champion is Garret McCune.

D.D. Williamson, a long-time employee, retired this year; we thank him

for his work as Golf Course Superintendent.   Troy Petty is now in that

position and continues to improve the golf course-thank you Troy.

Director Garrison also thanked all the volunteers-they have a great


  1. Airport Report-Lee Allen reported 36 flyable airplanes with 54 airplanes

based here.   We have 35 homes with hangars and three (3) homes under

construction.   T-38 Club and Airport Committee continue to maintain

and improve our holdings here.   The runway edges have been sprayed to

keep grass away from the asphalt; asphalt is good for several more years

before needing resurfacing.   Airport beacon is currently broken.

Bearings in the windsock cage are gone so the T-38 has purchased a new

cage and windsock.    He thanked all the members of the T-38 club for all

their help.

  1. Lakes Report-Vice-President Sizemore reported things have been good

on the lakes.   The big step forward are the dams.  Tonkawa Dam is

fifty years+ old and has an erosion problem.   Bulkhead is gone.   The

Board voted on Limestone Contractors to fix bulkhead.   TCEQ has to

approve so hopefully in 2020, that will happen.  According to Rule

299.22, state code, we have to engage an engineer to issue a report to the

state on our design.   The State is very concerned about dam safety

because of the dam failures this year and is holding owners to their

regulations and what to do.    The dam is not in imminent failure but has

problems that need to be addressed before they become major issues that

will be more costly.   It is a maintenance issue, not a design change.    We

have made great strides in addressing it; now we are waiting on approval

from TCEQ.

  1. Security – Hilltop Lakes Public Safety-Ron Ryder stated they have four

(4) paramedics that are fulltime security guards, certified by the State.

They have four (4) other volunteers and some more going through the

training.    When the paramedics are here, they are on patrol.  If an

ambulance call comes thru,  whomever is assigned as backup for that

time, comes in and covers until the ambulance comes back.


VII.     Reports from:

  1. Equine Club-Marc Cody, President of the Equine Club, stated they have

fourteen (14) members and twenty-five (25) horses.   Money has been

spent  on the grounds to have better grass.    Thanked everyone for

participating in the weekly food sales and their special events such as the

Haunted House.   Also thanked the volunteers.   Two (2) loafing sheds

were replaced.  Thanked Dee Kirk as the liaison and thanked the Board

for their community support.    If you would like to volunteer, give them

a call.

  1. Volunteer Fire Department/EMS-Ron Ryder doesn’t have the current

runs.   They do have two (2) fire engines, three (3) brush trucks, one (1)

large tanker and one (1) command truck being used for patrol.

Inspectors for ESD were impressed stating “one of the finest-equipped

small departments in the State”.

  1. S.W. Leon County ESD 2-Scott Christensen reported they contract with

the volunteer fire department.   EDS is a taxing authority covering 80

square miles.  Ruth Him is the President; Hank Dembosky is the Vice

President; Secretary is Scott Christensen; Caryn Thompson is the

Treasurer and Janey Shannon is the Assistant Treasurer.   Officers are

appointed by the county commissioners.  Regular monthly meetings are

the third Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the New Fire Station.   Fiscal year is

October 1 – September 30.  They had a clean audit with financials being

in order.  The last seven or eight years, they had to dig into the reserves to

over $300,000 to help keep the contract working.   At the same time,

contributions to the water supply for the Fire Department were started

and the Fire Angels held fundraisers.

Good financial management and good budgetary controls are starting to

help turn this around.    They also have moderate recovery in the

property values in their district.   The security contract with the Board

has helped along with fundraisers.


VIII.    Report from President-President Walker thanked:

  1. Every one of the committees who talked today-all have made substantial

improvements in their committees.

  1. Deni Kunz has a Race Series started which we didn’t have before.
  2. The Equine is better off now than 3 or 4 years ago.
  3. Main goal is to make Hilltop better.
  4. Thanked all the volunteers-could not have done 95% of what has gotten

done w/o the volunteers.

  1. He appreciates the Board; his heart is and will always be what is best for

Hilltop Lakes.


  1. Report on Finances & the 2019 Budget-Treasurer Lagravier reported cash balances

on January 1, 2019, of $936,041.30 and cash balance ending October 31, 2019, was

$890,265.28.   The comparison of years 2012 – 2018 shows an average decrease of

$36,578 in maintenance fees due to delinquent lots.   We have started a collections

program this year and have collected $120,000.     We don’t have much in reserves

to cover everything that needs repair.


  1. Recognition of Outgoing Directors-President Walker recognized and gave service

plaques to Ron Ryder and Floyd Garrison.   Mike Sizemore recognized Rocky

Walker as the outgoing President.


  1. Recognition of Directors for December 2019 – December 2022-President Walker

recognized Bill Johnson, Annette Craig and Randy Schiamara as the newly elected



XII.     Recognition of 2019 Nominating Committee-President Walker recognized Melody

Vidaurri as the Chair and Ann Falconer, Beth Millet, Joyce Perkins, Nancy Kiely

and Kari Hodges as members of the Committee.


XIII.    Presentation of Citizen of the Year 2019 Award – President Walker presented Deni

Kunz and Joan Callaway with plaques for Citizens of the Year 2019.


XIV.    2020 Annual Meeting will be conducted on November 7, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.


  1. Member Comments to the Board:

John Shockey:   Asked incoming Board to stripe Lakeview

Lorna Stephenson:  When we pay our maintenance fees, can we pay additional

(contribution) into the general fund?

Fred Nichols:   Do we come up with a monthly fee or a special assessment?

Hank Dembosky:  Identify and prioritize what the extra money will be spent on.

Wayne Warren:  Tested for water quality @ 152 Golf Club Drive

Swen Crone:   Troupe Over the Hill – 10 year anniversary – celebrating with Jacob

Austin Band at 3 p.m.


XVI.    Adjourn-Director Garrison motioned to adjourn; Secretary Vidaurri seconded.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.



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November 9, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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