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POA Board Meeting

August 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



August 22, 2019

OPEN MEETING @ 6:30 P.M. – Tonkawa Room

EXECUTIVE MEETING @ 6:31 P.M. – Tonkawa Room

OPEN MEETING @ 7:00 P.M. – Tonkawa Room



Present:  Rocky Walker, John Lagravier, Mike Sizemore, Melody Vidaurri, Steve Brodine, Dene Huettel, Dee Kirk, and Connie Saxton

Absent:  Floyd Garrison

  1. CALL TO ORDER-OPEN SESSION by President Walker


  1. ADJOURN TO EXECUTIVE SESSION (CLOSED) – The Board will reconvene in

Executive Session as authorized under Section 209.0051, Open Board Meeting,

Subsection (C) to discuss:

  1. Legal: Dam Repair Bids


III.           RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION by President Walker at 7:06 p.m.


  1. INVOCATION-President Walker



  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Secretary Vidaurri motion to approve Agenda as written; Treasurer Lagravier

seconded and vote was unanimous.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES for July 20, 25, 29, 31, and August 17, 2019-Motion to approve as written was

made by Secretary Vidaurri; Treasurer Lagravier seconded.   Vote was unanimous.


VII.         SUMMARIZE EXECUTIVE SESSION – President Walker reported we are in the process of getting bids to

repair the bulkhead area of the dam on Tonkawa Lake and we heard some information on




Dorothy Powell:  Comments about shopping center

Joyce Perkins:  Troupe over the Hill Events:  1) Remembering Elvis and 2) Dixie Swim Club

Linda Field:   Chili Cook Off at Fall Festival Haunted Woods 5K Race

Deni Kunz:  1) Volunteers Appreciation Recruit to Reboot on September 9 2) Fall Fest on October 5th 3)

re ATM machine and 4) re Red Box rentals

John Shockey:  Writing a book on Hilltop-looking for any pics, info, etc.

Jack Miller:  Re the light bulbs-was it voted by the entire Board?

Randy Schiamara:  Re the $22,000 reimbursement never made to him

David Gray:  Question for Steve Brodine-why did you miss the last two (2) Board meetings?


  2. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Culvert Policy-Secretary Vidaurri motioned to implement the

Standard Culvert Installation Policy.  Treasurer Lagravier motioned second and the vote was


  1. DISCUSSION ONLY-Security-President Walker reported we signed a contract with Hilltop Lakes

Public Safety and thanked everyone for their part in getting this done.




  2. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Revision of Finance Procedures – Secretary Vidaurri motioned to

accept the revisions to the finance procedures as discussed:  1) Capital expenditures raised to

$3,000 for the supervisors and 2) reimbursements “log book”.     Treasurer Lagravier seconded.

Vice-President Sizemore amended the motion to add revisions and approve at our next meeting.

Director Kirk seconded.    Vice-President Sizemore amended the motion to include the minor

revisions discussed here and Director Kirk seconded.   Vice-President Sizemore revised the motion

to table until we can agree on wording to incorporate the concerns of all the board members to

have a clean line of reimbursements.   Director Brodine seconded.    All voted in favor except

Directors Lagravier and Vidaurri opposed.

  1. DISCUSSION ONLY-Newcomer’s Coffee Report – Director Huettel reported 35-40 attendees with

sixteen (16) organizations represented.    She thanked the volunteers.

  1. DISCUSSION ONLY-Restaurant Update-Director Brodine reported one perspective restauranteur

has been eliminated.   He does have one person interested (specialty is Mexican food) and they are

working on a menu that works with us (American food).

  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Teen Center Hours-tabled


  2. TREASURER’S REPORT-Chris Burleson reported there are a couple of errors on the report.

Collections Department has collected so far this year $89,118.  At the end of July, POA has posted

total income of  $1,690,314; $1,509,244 in expenses, for a net of $181,000.

  1. MAINTENANCE REPORT-Secretary Vidaurri reported maintenance is mowing taxiways and picking

up brush.

  1. UPDATE ON WEBSITE-Secretary Vidaurri reported Robert Karnes with Systek is ready to place

online the hotel-needs more photos.   She needs to create a “refund policy”.

  1. UPDATE ON NOMINATING ELECTIONS-Voting procedures are on the website, at the post office, pro

shop, welcome center and in the newspaper.     One hundred fourteen letters (114) were mailed to

new property owners informing them of the procedure.

  1.  PRESIDENT’S REPORT-President Walker stated:

1)  Thanked Chris Moss

2)  Thanked all the volunteers

3)  Reminded of October 5th race

4)  Getting three (3) bids on the dams

5)  Restaurant – getting closer

6)  Online reservations-getting close

7)  $89,000 in collections

8)  New Housekeeper Supervisor Cristi Swearingen

9)  On September 1, 2019, a new security set up starts.

10)  On September 9, there will be a volunteer dinner.


XII.         ADJOURN-Secretary Vidaurri motioned to adjourn; Vice-President Sizemore seconded the motion.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:14 p.m.


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August 22, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Tonkawa Room
1 Hilltop Lodge Dr
Hilltop Lakes, TX 77871 United States
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