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POA Board Meeting




January 18, 2020






Present:  Annette Craig, Steve Brodine, Bill Johnson, Dene Huettel, Dee Kirk, Melody Vidaurri, Mike Sizemore, John Lagravier and Connie Saxton.

Absent:  Randy Schiamara



  1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER by President Craig at 9:05 a.m.


  1. INVOCATION by Treasurer Brodine



III.        APPROVAL OF AGENDA was moved to amend the Agenda by Vice-President

Johnson.    Due to some Board members having to leave the meeting early to

attend a funeral, he motioned to discuss “V. New Business A & B” before the

“Unfinished Business”.  Director Vidaurri seconded and vote was unanimous as



  2. Bulkhead/Dam Repairs/Replacement – TCEQ requires additional work before

project can begin – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Director Vidaurri motioned to move we hire Velvin & Weeks to do the study for us, the first stage, (Tonkawa Lake bulkhead) and move from there.  Vice-President Johnson seconded.  Vote was unanimous.


  1. Emergency Action Plan Updates requested by TCEQ – deadline approaching –

DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Director Sizemore motioned to engage discussions with Velvin & Weeks to include the EAP along with the engineer for the dam in an attempt to solve the issues we have with the dam.  Vice-President Johnson seconded his motion and the vote was unanimous.


  2. Maintenance Need Requiring Board Approval – 50” Boom Deck Repair –

DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Vice-President Johnson reported the deck on

the boom mower has been welded 8-10 times and now is to the point of being

dangerous.  The whole deck is about $9700 but the deck we need and just put

everything back on it is $4,956.68.  Director Sizemore moved to consider the

maintenance issue Vice-President Johnson has brought up to replace the deck.

Director Vidaurri seconded the motion and vote was unanimous.


  1. Other Maintenance Items for Board Awareness – DISCUSSION ONLY-Vice-

President Johnson stated other maintenance items needing attention are:  1) dirt

is washing out behind the pool and we won’t be able to open the pool if not

fixed.  A contractor out of Bryan/College Station told us how to fix it.  We also

have several leaks in drain system.   2)  Culverts rotted out and collapsed at Golf

View Drive and at the driving range which need to be replaced.  3)  Ranch Road is

washing out-road needs to be rebuilt after installing 2-24” culverts.


  1. 2020 Ad Hoc Committees – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-President Craig

supports committees when the committees:   1) have specific purpose identified,

2) report on a regular basis,  3) do not take any decision-making authority and 4)

the Board will agree on the Chair of the Committee and from a list of volunteers,

the Board will recommend people for the committee.


We only have two (2) standing committees:  Architectural Control Committee

(ACC) and Nominating/Elections Committee.


President Craig suggested an Activities Committee with Director Vidaurri working

on the Activities Charter.  The community events are different from the day-to-day

events which the Activities Coordinator handles.  Treasurer Brodine will write the

finance charter.   Secretary Huettel will be focal point for the Parks Committee,

consulting with Treasurer Brodine.   Director Schiamara will be the focal point for

the Golf Course Committee with Mona Rice and Troy Petty.


  1. Office Space Rental Request – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Office space

is available for rent.


  1. ANNOUNCEMENTS-President Craig announced:
  2. Nominating/Elections Committee must be named by February of 2020.
  3. Town Hall Meeting is this afternoon at 3 p.m. in the Tonkawa Room.
  4. Thursday, January 23, 2020, is the regularly scheduled POA meeting.
  5. People who have offered expertise and/or services to the community, please

keep those offers coming.



  1. Responses to previous questions/suggestions-President Craig stated:
  2. At the 12/13/19 meeting, suggestions were made regarding members

speaking to specific topics when actually discussed.  President Craig

replied that at this time it will not be implemented because of the length

of the meetings trying to get things done.

  1. Re the light pole-it is being worked on.
  2. House Bill 2840 does not apply to the POA.
  3. Re Open Records – we have provided a list of resources on the back table.
  4. The open “U” shaped table setup is working.
  5. The Security Contract will be deferred to the Town Hall Meeting discussion.
  6. Re the Restaurant needs to be on the Agenda-we are working on this.
  7. Receive new questions/suggestions:
  8. Tiffany McKinney-offered to hold a non-profit strategic workshop
  9. Eric Aaron-1) are fines being issued for dogs,

2)  update on status of restaurant-problem with grease and septic

3)  light outside on top of building is not working

4)  when renting offices-keep common area clean and check light bulbs

  1.   Fred Nichols-Re dam/bulkhead, do we know who we are dealing with?

Would it be worthwhile to go to the Waco office?  Is there a watershed

development plan for this area?   Within those watershed plans, there is all

sorts of funding by federal government to improve the water quality.

  1. Ella Bishir-You only have two (2) committees to sign up for.
  2. John Druckhammer-Suggestion when doing contract for dam-put in

language to cover what we need to pass TCEQ.




Director Vidaurri motioned to adjourn; Secretary Huettel seconded.   President

Craig adjourned the meeting at 11:10 a.m.





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January 18, 2020
9:00 am - 11:00 am


Tonkawa Room
1 Hilltop Lodge Dr
Hilltop Lakes,TX77871United States
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