Indian Wood’s Camping Lakes in Texas

When it comes to camping lakes in Texas, Indian Woods has exactly what you need—from the large bodies of water, perfect for swimming and boating, to the peaceful shoreline it rests on. Hilltop Lakes has five lakes, each one with its own activities. Around the lake, things like campfire stories, water activities, and the various little things are what make the trip memorable.

Activities in the Area

Campfire Stories

A campfire is a happy place for families, where you can tell stories, sing songs, and roast marshmallows. The open flames are a perfect opportunity to cook up some hot dogs for dinner, then roast marshmallows. The sun setting over the lake can be a beautiful sight, creating a joyful atmosphere everywhere. Classic Campfire Songs are always a hit and can be fun for you and your family. And finally—one of our personal favorites—storytelling.

Hilltop Lakes is a wonderful place, full of stories waiting to be told. Whether you enjoy a funny story about someone having trouble with their skis or a boat ride, or a spooky story, Indian Woods has inspiration from right to left. In fact, legend has it, that there are wolverines living in the woods. Mysterious, three-legged creatures that hide. Nobody has ever gotten a picture, but a few people have claimed to of seen them roaming about . . .

Camping Lakes in Texas—A Sunset at Hilltop Lakes

Water Activities

Indian Woods has camping lakes in Texas—and these lakes are a blast! The waters are a pleasant, cool temperature throughout the summer—perfect for escaping a hot day. The Lakes are also open to boats, where you can go tubing and skiing on the open waters. There are five available lakes, Tonkawa Lake, Cherokee Lake, Swan Lake, and Mirror & Kickapoo Lakes. Each lake is also stocked with fish, and you can take out a boat to go fish in the wee hours of the morning or night.

On the Hilltop Lakes property, there is also a park near the shore. A picnic area lies near it, and you can play and eat while sitting near the water. The water activities are endless!

The Little Things

When it comes to making a trip memorable, the little things add up. They make your trip well worth it, creating memories that you can cherish forever. What exactly do we mean by the “little things?” Well, picking flowers, perhaps. Taking a walk around the vast scenery in the area can be a fun activity, taking in the wildlife—there are several deer that can be seen. Watching nature can be fun with the family, as well as birdwatching.

Some of the little games with your family can be fun, like tag and hide-and-seek. Skipping stones across our lake is fun as well, and floating on the water is a very relaxing activity. Setting up a hammock between two of our big, beautiful trees can be calming activity as well. All in all, Indian Wood’s camping lakes in Texas has so much to offer. There is so much to do!

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful camp ground or a spot at our RV park, come stay with us at Hilltop Lakes and make little memories.