The Kickapoo Club

The Kickapoo Club is non-profit private social club and is one of the many amenities offered by Hilltop Lakes
Resort, since its establishment in 1962.  Membership is regulated in accordance with Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) rules and guidelines.

The KC services and compliments the Overlook Restaurant-Taste and Tradition menu items, and began as an organization for the social enjoyment of members, frequently hosting
community interest events; I.e., Game Night, Wine Tastings, Canvass and
Cocktails, Karaoke Nights, Seasonal-Themed Dances, Wedding Receptions,
Meetings, and a host of numerous other events.

Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 5 pm – 12 am 

ATTENTION Kickapoo Club members!
Beginning this Friday, July 16th we will be TEMPORARILY extending our hours for the summer.
Extended hours will be as follows:
Fridays 11AM – 12AM
Saturdays 11AM – 1AM

Sundays 11AM – TBD

In addition to regular hours of operation, the club considers special requests for hosting and
servicing special events.

The Kickapoo Club is a place to network with friends and like-minded individuals, entertain out-of-town guests, or an opportunity to simply catch one’s breath during the busy workweek. Whether it is a detour from responsibility, or office away from the office, “Business After Hours,” at any given moment, the Kickapoo Club is a destination of substance-an opportunity to Taste and See How Wonderful Life Can Be!

As diverse as the purpose of the club may be, scheduled activities bring together a group of people with common interests.

View from the Kickapoo Club Patio Mardi Gras Party Canvas & Cocktails Trivia Night at the KC