POA Actions and Covid

October 12, 2020

Hilltop Lakes Property Owners:

As a result of the recent spike in COVID-19 active cases in the Hilltop Lakes community, the POA is making some adjustments to operations.  These adjustments are intended to protect the health of employees, property owners, and guests, as well as slow the spread of this virus within the community.

Over the weekend, several employees have received confirmation of positive test for COVID-19, despite showing NO SYMPTOMS.  As a result, the POA staff have taken CDC recommended actions to help deter future spread, including but not limited to:

  • Established timelines and contact tracing for those who tested positive.
  • Disinfected the area(s) used by those employees during last week’s work schedule.
  • Informed employees who were potentially exposed (using CDC definitions) and provided them with recommended actions on their part (i.e. testing, self-quarantine, etc.).
  • Restated protocols that must continue to be in place (i.e. face coverings to be used by all employees while inside a building – other than own office, or within 6 feet of another person even if outside; self-quarantine practices if exposed per CDC definition, etc.).
  • Reminded employees not to come to work if they are experiencing ANY COVID-19 symptoms.

While the POA had previously put several safety measures in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst employees, property owners, guests, and business partners, the new occurrences within our community require a reset of efforts and ongoing diligence. Therefore, the following measures will be taken, effective immediately:

  • For the week of October 12th – October 18th, the Burn Pile will be CLOSED.  This might continue through October 25th – that will be determined later this week.
  • For the week of October 12th – 18th and potentially the week of October 19th – 26th,  the Maintenance Department will be working with a ‘skeleton’ staff – this means likely delays for non-emergency requests.  
  • Welcome Center reinstated their ‘no visitors in the back offices’ policy earlier last week – that practice will continue until further notice.  Property owners are asked to limit their trips to the Welcome Center and handle business by phone or e-mail where possible.
  • Face coverings CONTINUE to be required by all visitors at the Welcome Center, Pro Shop & Post Office
  • Employees at the Welcome Center MUST wear face coverings, except when alone in their own office.

In order to avoid full closure of the Pro Shop (this would mean NO golf cart rentals, no ice available, and no drinks/snacks for purchase), it is imperative that those entering the Pro Shop observe the face coverings requirement.  This is a necessary requirement in order to stay open AND properly protect employees and other visitors at the Pro Shop. 

The Board of Directors wants to thank property owners for being vigilant in following recommendations previously provided by the federal, state, and county agencies, as well as adhering to specific requirements of executive orders. We appreciate your support of these new measures taken by the POA in effort to protect the community.

Take care!

Annette Craig

President, POA of Hilltop Lakes