2020 Maintenance Fee Increase Decision:

Property Owners Association of Hilltop Lakes, Inc.

From the Board of Directors

The By Laws of the POA of Hilltop Lakes state in section 8.2.3 (Duties – specifically #3): “It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors: To approve an annual budget and set membership fees, assessments, and maintenance charges as required”.  The last maintenance fee increase was implemented in 2004.

After conducting open board meetings and/or town hall meetings in January, February and March, in which the need for  maintenance fee increases were discussed and/or property owner input was solicited, the Board of Directors voted in open session on April 13th to increase monthly maintenance fees for all property owners in Hilltop Lakes.  As a result of the vote,  property owners who currently pay $65/month will pay $110/month and property owners who currently pay $35/month will  pay $55/month.  The rules applicable to ownership of multiple lots and to lots with multiple owners remain as they are today – only the rates change.  All increases are effective July 1, 2020.  The vote also included provisions for future fee increases beginning in 2022 and annually after that.

Formal communication of the fee increase, as well as other administrative tasks required to implement the change will begin on April 14th.

April 13, 2020