Raymond Escoto – Director
Board of Directors

My name is Raymond Escoto and I’m a homeowner here at Hilltop Lakes. I work as an Agent Relationship Manager with NXTPoint Final Mile Home Delivery and I manages 12 locations across this country. I served in the United States Army and an Operation Iraqi Freedom war veteran. My wife and I moved here from Pflugerville, TX in November of 2022. We have 5 children between us, with the two youngest going to school in Normangee High School and Middle School.
I would like to be a board member because I am an experienced leader that has extensive experience in crisis management, escalation management, customer service and senior management. I care deeply about the community in which my children will grow up. I am an excellent communicator with a strong desire to serve.
Thank you for lettinng me introduce myself and I look forward to meeting and discussing with each and everyone of you in our upcoming forums or wherever we should run into each other.
Very Respectfully,
Raymond Escoto

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