Marc Blackmore – Director
Board of Directors

My wife and I move to Hilltop from our former farm on Hwy 21 near Madisonville six years ago and have owned two homes in the airp01i community. I have had friends in the aviation community here for over twenty years. I was married 42 years prior to my wife's death last December.


In recent years I served as the treasurer of the Madison County Crime Stoppers and as vice president ofEAA chapter 1531 in Bryan. I have always tried to volunteer in the community and help my neighbors.


In regard to background, I grew up in the in the Chicago area. I graduated from high school in 1968 and drew a winning number in the first draft lottery. I managed to work and get in some college before being drafted into the Army and served as a helicopter crew chief/door gunner. The Army rewarded me with an all expense paid adventure excursion to Viet Nam. I worked and returned to college after my discharge.


I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BS degree. I attended the Navy Aviation Officer Candidate School, received my commission and was designated a Naval Aviator on completion of jet flight training. I served in the fleet as a carrier pilot and as a flight instructor in the advance jet training command. After six years I left active duty, but continued to fly in the Guard/Reserve program and retired with 25 years of military service.


I was hired as a pilot by Continental Airlines, providing safe and usually efficient air travel to the public, and retired after 25 years as a B777 Captain.


I have also worked in construction remodeling and home building. I held a real estate license in Colorado for some years. I've work in general aviation as a FAA Certified Flight Inst1uctor and Airframe and Power Plant mechanic. I still enjoy flying and working on aircraft.


Submitted by, Marc Blackmore

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