Hilltop Lakes Dog Control

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If the owner of the dog(s) cannot be found, it will be considered a Stray and handled as such.

In the case of stray dog(s), by definition, the A.C.O. will capture and confine the dog(s). Notice of the action, including pictures of the dog(s), will be posted and advertised. The dog(s) will be confined for a period of not less than seven (7) calendar days. If not claimed by the owner or an adopter, it will be delivered to the Brazos County Animal Shelter for their processing. Should the dog(s) be claimed by its owner, the owner will be charged a fee of $5.00 per day for the confinement period.

Second or subsequent violations of the same regulation, as evidenced by Incident Report, will be reviewed by the D.C.R.C. who will determine action to be taken. Such action may include fine, suspension of P.O.A. membership, and/or confinement of the dog(s) as a stray.