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September 4, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm




TUESDAY, September 4, 2018


7:00 P.M.




Present:  Rocky Walker, Melody Vidaurri, Joe Bledsoe, Floyd Garrison, Ron Ryder, Dee Kirk,

Dene Huettel, and Connie Saxton

Absent:  Ray Vogt and Rene Castilla


President Walker opened the meeting at 7:03 p.m., informing the property owners that 1) the persons interested in the restaurant have backed out and 2) nominations for election have been accepted by:  Joe Bledsoe, Don Madewell, John Lagravier, Ken Kunz, Mike Sizemore, Steve Brodine, and William Hartmann.   He also thanked all the volunteers.


  1. DISCUSSION: Alcohol in Hilltop Lakes’ Parks

Joyce Perkins:  What is current policy?

Eric Aaron:  Leave it like it is.  If there is a problem with a person, then                  take it up with that person.

Kari Hodges:  Who do we call when stuff happens?

Karen Woods:  Park on Tonkawa Park is for children-don’t like alcohol.

Boats & alcohol don’t mix.

Deni Kunz:  Then that would have to apply the same to golf course as we

have students that come out here.   It would have to be applicable to all.

Lisa Harvey:  Lakes Committee did not propose this.  Lakes Committee

was tasked with updating document (Lake Rules).  Lakes Committee

didn’t change; this came from the Board.   We need to address our safety

issues before opening up to alcohol.

Bobby Horn:  Family friendly with no alcohol.

Ashley Holland:  Driving golf carts under influence of alcohol is a safety


Judy Martindale:  I would like to have the same rights as a lake owner has

such as go out and have a cocktail on their pier or in their backyard.  I

want to enjoy the lake; the sign makes me feel guilty (like I’m breaking

the law).

Deni Kunz:  How a sign can be put up prohibiting anything if there is no

written policy?

Don Huettel:  Those signs had to be posted and erected by some Board

of Directors at some time.     All those signs were up prior to 2007.  If

minutes were researched prior to 2007, you could find when those signs

were authorized to be purchased and put up.

President Walker:   We have discovered they were put up in 2004.   There

are no minutes or records that we can find; we have researched to figure

out how signs got put up in the first place and what procedures they used

to put them up.

John Lagravier:  Committees had a lot of leeway in 1998; very well could

have been put up by a committee and never a board vote.

Eric Aaron:  Purpose of Town Hall is to help set a policy.   Tonkawa Park is

a huge park; I don’t think if you put up a sign or don’t put up a sign, it

won’t change anything.   State laws already cover alcohol and boats; to

put signs up would be redundant.  State laws trump any POA rule.

Ron Ryder:    On last comment from Eric, I would like to get an opinion

from Matt, does that apply to us since we are basically private property?

Matt:  Drinking and driving are illegal.   All the concerns here are about

safety.   Be safe and responsible drinkers.

Ken Kunz:  We adopted Texas state laws re boats; no need to recreate a


Joyce Perkins:  Parks are not reservable; pavilions are reservable.   To

Lisa, work with parties to use the reservable pavilions.   Put in policy they

would have to have security if there is alcohol.

Mike Sizemore:  If legal in Texas should be legal here.

Claren Kotrla:    Signage protects POA from third-party liability.   Time to

make informed decision.

Judy Martindale:  Drink responsibly.

All boaters must comply with Texas boat laws.


  1. DISCUSSION: Park Closure Times for ALL Hilltop Lakes’ Parks

Don Huettel:  “Close from dusk to dawn” sign is only on Tonkawa Park.

Chris Moss:  No policy?  Can I put up a sign anyway/anywhere?

Don Huettel:  Parks are separate from lakes.

Bill Johnson:  Why change Texas laws?

Karen Woods:  Can jet skis run @ night?    We do have a no wake zone

which a lot of people violate.

Claren Kotrla:  I think there is nothing to prevent our organization to have

more restrictive rules.

Joyce Perkins:  Question of noise-is there a Leon County noise ordinance?

Dene Huettel:  I appreciate you coming out; I did want to listen to your

concerns.   It is our duty to listen to you and hear what you have to say,

take it in, and to vote for majority of your concerns.

Melody Vidaurri:   We are reasonable people    Thank you, the property

owners, for giving input and we will come up with a comprise.

Deni Kunz:  As the Board is looking at these issues and coming up with

perfect plan, are property owners equal?   Non-residents are never

asked how they feel.   When they visit, they expect access to the

amenities that we get all the time.     Let’s consider non-residential

property owners as they pay our bills.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.




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September 4, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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