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January 23, 2020

OPEN SESSION @ 7:00 P.M. – Community Center





Present:   Annette Craig, Bill Johnson, Steve Brodine, Dene Huettel, Dee Kirk, Randy Schiamara, Melody Vidaurri, Mike Sizemore, John Lagravier and Connie Saxton.


  1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER-by President Craig at 7:05 p.m.


  1. INVOCATION by Swen Crone



III.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Vice-President Johnson motioned to amend the Agenda to give a Maintenance Report after the Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Brodine seconded.   President Craig amended to add two (2) public service announcements.   Director Sizemore seconded.  Vote was unanimous.


AMENDED:  A bingo player was hurt last night.  Just a reminder when it is raining and/or dark, pedestrians and drivers, take extra care.


Reminder:  We do have a “No Alcohol Consumption” Policy when we are meeting and discussing POA business.


  1. READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR 2019 – October 24, November 9 & 21,

December 13, 27, & 30; 2020 – January 3 & 7-Director Vidaurri motioned to accept October 24, November 9 and 21 as written with edits.   Director Kirk seconded.  Vote was unanimous.

Director Vidaurri motioned to accept as written with edits provided for December 13, 27, 30, January 3 & 7.   Director Kirk seconded and vote was unanimous.



President’s Report-President Craig welcomed board members to the first regular scheduled board meeting.  Thanked the Board and the property owners for letting us  get off to a really good start.   Some facts reflecting back on the last 45 days:  Three (3) new board members were seated December 5th.  Our first meeting sharing information with the 9-member board was December 13th.   Seven of 18 contracts either had already expired or will within 60 days.    No Board action or decision had been taken for any expiring contracts.   One key contract was security patrol expiring December 31st.  Insurance was expiring in two (2) weeks.   In the 4th quarter, several delays in decisions that by default have rolled out over into the new year.    Please know that she is just trying to set the stage for what they have been trying to accomplish; not to assign any blame or point any fingers-just statements of where we are.   Needs of Tonkawa Dam were assigned top priority last February.   TCEQ delayed our work on that.  No additional work for completing the work requirements has been addressed since December 13th.

Deadline for updating our Emergency Action Plan (EAP) associated with the dam were also due in December-extension was received-now due in April.

Financial audit report for 2018 was delayed and presented in the December 5th  meeting instead of the Annual Meeting of the Members where it is typically presented creating delays in year end  2019 reporting.

Grease trap issues were mentioned at the September and October meetings as reasons for  delay in restaurant opening.  No proposal had been developed; no committee had been formed to focus on this very important issue.

A proposed 2020 budget (draft) with a plan to spend more money than what was planned to be received in revenue and a proposed 10-year draft capital budget was presented at the October meeting with a commitment to present the actual budget (capital and expense budget) at the November Annual Meeting of Members which did not occur.

Statistic accomplishments she wants to commend the Board on:  Since December 5th seating and election of officers, this board has met seven (7) times for a total of about twenty (20) hours of meeting.  Seven (7) Board members attended the employees’ luncheon for a much needed employee engagement.  As a result of the hard work by the Board, these are some of the things done:  Secured insurance for 2020;  put plans in place so no future Board will have to meet between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day  to ensure we have insurance for the coming year; made plans to engage our insurance agent more often; secured a contract amendment to ensure overnight security for 2020; authorized engineering work to proceed for Tonkawa Dam and the EAP; Board committed to work together as a team; maintainer repairs  completed;  established much needed dialogue with department supervisors; and initiated discussions with property owners on maintenance fee increases.  Still lots to do but have to prioritize and pace ourselves; she thanked everyone. She expects 2020 to be very successful.

  1. Treasurer’s Report-Treasurer Brodine apologized for having no financials.  It was decided that incorrect information is worse than no information at all.  Part of the problem was waiting for the audit but we need accurate numbers.  In order to go forward he has asked people to join the finance committee.   It has not been approved yet but he wanted to acknowledge John Shockey, Don Madewell, Jim Hawthorne, and Kathleen Gose.
  2. Maintenance Report-Vice-President Johnson met with two contractors re the pool, washout behind the restaurant, the front driveway, and the spillway on #14 and both contractors are sending prices to see what it is going to cost.

He has been working on lights (parking lot) since told about it on January 2nd.   Water lines and electric lines have been located so we know where to dig.   New lights should be up by next Friday.

Today, we started working on grease traps.  All are flagged off; field lines seem to be working.  He thinks we are in good shape on the concrete traps and Treasurer Brodine will be able to get a restaurant committee going.

This week we pumped five (5) septic tanks on the hill.

Potholes were patched in airport city.

We pulled dirt where water is rushing over the spillway @ pool; should stop washout going on behind the pool.  By the end of February, we should have the holes fixed.

Maintainer operator should start Monday and will begin working on the roads again.

We have no outstanding work orders.


  2. Architectural Control Committee Report-Director Lagravier stated the 2019 ACC committee met for the last time; new committee will meet next time. We have approved a fence, new house construction and an addition to an existing garage.
  3. Nominations & Election Committee Report-Director Sizemore stated in February, we will seat committee members.



Dams & Lakes Committee Report-Director Kirk stated the first meeting will be next

week.   Currently we have Bill Johnson, Ron Ryder, and Mike Sizemore on the committee-may expand that.   Focus will be on getting bulkhead fixed and working with the engineer and TCEQ.   The other part will be working on getting EAP up to date.

Director Sizemore stated it is time for new boat stickers.



  1. Restaurant/Grease Trap Update – recommendation on best next steps

DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Treasurer Brodine reported the Maintenance crew can fix Phase 1 (grease trap).  Once that is done (30 days maybe), we will start a restaurant committee with experienced people.

  1. 2020 Ad Hoc/Special Committees – review proposed charters (where available), next steps – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION- Proposed charter.   Director Vidaurri motioned to accept the charter/purpose and committee members for the Finance Committee; Director Sizemore seconded.   Vote was unanimous.  Director Vidaurri motioned to accept charter for dams committee; Director Sizemore seconded.  Vote was unanimous.   Director Vidaurri motioned to accept charter/purpose for the Restaurant Phase 1 Committee as written.   Director Lagravier seconded and vote was unanimous.

Activities:  Director Vidaurri report three (3) events that we need to move on:   1) Easter Eggstravaganza and race 2) July 4th and 3) Fall Festival and race (maybe a benefit race).  President Craig recommends provisionally for the April event approve the committee with Director Vidaurri as Chair and a description of what encompasses and delivers for that event as a committee.

Golf-Director Schiamara will be proposing a golf charter.  He has suggestions of whom the committee members will be but definitely will be people interested in overall approach and use of golf facilities.

ByLaws-No charter-defer to next meeting.

Campground and Parks-Director Huettel will be Chair of this Committee.

Safety Security-Director Vidaurri will be focal point contact.

  1. Trail Fee Increase Process (tabled from previous agenda) – DISCUSSION &

POSSIBLE ACTION-Director Schiamara stated in 2004, the golf cart trail fee was set up to be only used for the golf course.  He made a motion before any increase in the golf cart trail fee can be voted on by the Board of Directors, a town hall meeting with the golfers must be held to have their input.  The reason for the proposed increase must be presented at that time. At no time can anyone other than the Board of Directors by a vote increase the golf cart trail fee.   Director Vidaurri seconded.  Director Sizemore amended to include any change in fees that affects property owners will be vetted with the property owners in the form of  Board meetings or Town Hall Meetings where the affected property owners will be duly notified and have the opportunity to have input   and the full Board will make that decision.    Vote was unanimous.

  1. Maintenance Fees – next steps – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-President

Craig expects one more Town Hall Meeting in February for input from property owners and also expect a special meeting where we share data with property owners.   Based on the results of those two meetings, a proposal will be brought to the regularly scheduled Board meeting on February 27th.


  2. Contracting Process Improvements – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-President

Craig proposed we form a small committee to develop a business process for contract bidding.   This would include the bid process, the contract negotiations process, contract review and renewal process including timelines and expectations. We want to be sure to look at how far ahead at expiration dates of contracts so we are not caught at the last minute trying to update contracts.  She would like two (2) board members to take on this task and any property owners that have procurement or contract management experience, it would be great to get them in addition. Directors Sizemore and Lagravier volunteered.

  1. Expired or soon to be Expiring Contracts – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-

President Craig stated Point of Contacts as follows:

  1. Beauty Salon–Director Vidaurri
  2. Garbage-Director Sizemore
  3. Lion’s Club-Secretary Huettel
  4. Wildlife-Directors Vidaurri and Lagravier
  5. Systek-Director Sizemore and President Craig
  6.  Stables-Director Kirk
  7. Pest Control-Vice-President Johnson
  8. Septic maintenance-Vice-President Johnson and Treasurer Brodine
  9. Workshop on Swimming Pool Policy – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-A

property owner with 20+ years of knowledge offered to hold a workshop for the Board to help us understand the responsibility of a commercial pool owner.  Follow up will be lessons on how to maintain the pool with at least one (1) board member and along with a couple of maintenance workers.    We will then get on a regular maintenance program.  It was agreed to hold 1st Workshop within two (2) weeks.

  1. Workshop on Strategic Planning – DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Tiffany

McKinney has offered her expertise.   This would be a workshop and set up in March.


  1. ANNOUNCEMENTS-President Craig reported:
  2. Sign policy is in place-display signs for your candidates but be in compliance.
  3. Signs on common property need to be in compliance also.
  4. Building permits-When applying for a building, the building needs to be identified for

its intended use.

  1. Members to be heard-special meetings won’t have members to be heard.  Don’t wait

for a meeting to make a suggestion or provide your comments/concerns to a board

member.  Communicate-don’t wait for a meeting.   All board members have a box at

the Welcome Center you can put a letter in; you can reach them by email; don’t save

it all for the monthly meeting.  Director Sizemore added to lobby individual board


  1. Very few of the Board members are participating on Facebook or social media; at

least, in respect to comments on POA business.  She will not respond to Facebook.

  1.  Next POA regularly scheduled Board meeting is February 27 @ 7 p.m.


  2. Responses to previous questions/suggestions-President Craig stated:
  3. On 4/29/19, operating account at Community National was opened with

transfer of $250,000.

  1. May 21, 2019, transfer of CDs should be done in the next month according to

minutes.   In August, additional funds of $160,000 were transferred to

Community National; on August 19, $150,000 was transferred and on

December 19, 2019, $70,000 was transferred.

  1. We still have money in the Wells Fargo operating account because the rental

agreement with USPS deposits in that account and they have not made their


  1. CDs were moved as follows: $125,000 to Normangee, $150,000 to

Community National and $125,000 to Community National


  1. Receive new questions/suggestions:

Deni Kunz:  Chooses not to be heard from the Board but from the individual

Linda Field:  Pass

Joyce Perkins-Troupe Over the Hill update: 1) New officers – Ron Treat, President;

Publicity, Joyce Perkins   2) New production at end of March “Dixie Swim Club”

John Faulk:  Make sure you are in compliance with all of the State statues-have not had a members’ meeting.  Property owners can request the Board to hold a meeting.   If you don’t hold the meeting within 60 days, then property owners can form a committee and have that annual meeting.  In the past a quorum is 150 members.  We have never had a quorum.   Early next week he will do an Open Records request to get a copy of the board packet.

Eric Aaron:  Topic already addressed

Suggestion: On Members to be Heard, hear them on Agenda item to item, not before or after.


XII.      ADJOURN-Director Schiamara motioned to adjourn; Director Vidaurri seconded.

President Craig adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.



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January 23, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Community Center