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POA Board Meeting





June 27, 2019

OPEN MEETING @ 5:30 P.M. – Tonkawa Room

EXECUTIVE MEETING @ 5:31 P.M. – Tonkawa Room

OPEN MEETING @ 7:00 P.M. – Tonkawa Room




Present:   Rocky Walker, Mike Sizemore, Melody Vidaurri, John Lagravier, Steve Brodine, Floyd Garrison, Dene Huettel and Connie Saxton

Absent:  Dee Kirk


  1. CALL TO ORDER-OPEN SESSION-President Walker


  1. ADJOURN TO EXECUTIVE SESSION (CLOSED) – The Board will reconvene in Executive Session as

authorized under Section 209.0051, Open Board Meeting, Subsection (C) to discuss:

  1. Legal:  Kickapoo Club
  2. Financial:  Transfer of CDs
  3. Legal:  Sand Contract
  4. Personnel:  Employee
  5. Legal:  Restaurant
  6. Legal:  Playscape

III.           RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION-President Walker


  1. INVOCATION-President Walker



  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Secretary Vidaurri motioned for Approval of Agenda; Director Garrison

seconded and vote was unanimous.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES for May 16 & 21, 2019-Secretary Vidaurri motioned for Approval of Minutes

as written; Director Garrison seconded.     Vote was unanimous.


VII.         SUMMARIZE EXECUTIVE SESSION-President Walker discussed legal, financial and employees.



Hank Dembosky:   Re public use of golf course-it’s your job and your role as elected board members

involves what your scope is as it relates to property owners.   You are not a resort management

company; your purpose is to be elected caretakers of Hilltop Lakes.    Please stay in your lane and do

your job.  Second issue is liability-who is responsible when something is done to or done by someone who is not a property owner?   As property owners, each of us becomes personally liable to damages.

There is a responsibility for liability when something goes wrong.

Bill Johnson:   Thanked everybody for helping, playing, etc. with the Golf Tournament for the Fire

Department.    We netted  $4700 from the golf tournament.  Between the sponsors and people who

donated, we had $8800 there.   Also want to thank everybody for donating money for the tires,

brakes, etc.

Eric Aaron:   Re EMS-We have got to have an EMS out here.  I think there are easier ways to go about

doing it than we are now.    One would be have POA donate $5 from each maintenance fee.    He has

asked for a financial projection but hasn’t received it yet to show how much vehicles, fuel, costs, etc.

to see how much they will really be making.   One question is the paramedic going to be on

(patrolling) for 24 hours.  He wants someone fresh on duty.

Eric Aaron:  Last year, playground replacement was researched and nothing was done.  In January, we

were told prices went up-needed $300 more.     Now here we are with same old playground.    There

is talk about trashing it when it has been declared secured by two separate playground inspectors.

Joyce Perkins:   Re playground-repairs have to be custom made.  That means $3,000 per unit to the

tune of $16,000 with no warranties.  Committee found a new one, ADA compliant, holds 25 or more

children for $10,160.17.  Troupe Drama Camp starts next week.


  2. DISCUSSION ONLY- Director Brodine stated the playscape they are looking at is 27’ x 31’ new.

Playground Solutions can add new sections.   A lot of research has been done.  Do we repair the

existing structure for $16,000 or add a new one for $10,160?


  2. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Frontier Waste Management was asked to submit a quote for the                      garbage service to compare to other bids and we do not have that right now so this action will be                      tabled.
  3. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Swimming Pool Rules-Secretary Vidaurri motioned to amend to take out “under” twelve (12) and make it consistent with the issuance of the property owner cards.  Director Huettel seconded.     After discussion, Secretary Vidaurri amended her motion to redo sentence “children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a person of eighteen years or older to enter the pool area.”  Director Garrison seconded and vote was unanimous.
  4. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Kickapoo Club Area-President Walker explained the Kickapoo Club has asked for more area, temporary or permanent, to have their license to sell alcohol.   Vice-President Sizemore made a motion to table the expansion of the Kickapoo Club area at this time until further discussion is had amongst this Board and the Kickapoo Board before we take action.  Secretary Vidaurri seconded.   Vote was unanimous.
  5. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Marquee Sign-President Walker stated we are having a hard time finding someone to repair.  Secretary Vidaurri is researching – the company who sold us the sign is defunct.    She has asked for some bids.
  6. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Guest Privileges of Public Use for Golf-President Walker explained guests of management and their fees. He stated we are trying to expand; golf employees have been told if they are not busy (to bring money into Hilltop) to allow players.   Director Garrison discussed the need to combine the three (3) different set of golf rules.    They need input to come up with the right answer for the golf course so we don’t treat people negatively but also protect Hilltop.  Vice-President Sizemore stated we are a private golf course but definite specifications and rules need to be put in place.  Vice-President Sizemore motioned to appoint a committee with Floyd Garrison as head of the golf committee and interested property owners can contact him and put this to rest once and for all.   Secretary Vidaurri seconded.    A draft should be presented to the people before the Board votes on it.    Vote was unanimous.
  7. DISCUSSION ONLY-Fire Board Proposal-There has been very basic talks concerning the Fire Department covering security. A Town Hall Meeting has been set up for July 20th at 9 a.m.


  2. TREASURER’S REPORT-Treasurer Lagravier stated we have been changing banks, moving from Wells Fargo to Community National Bank, in Centerville.  We have cashed in the CDs.   Wells Fargo told us we had to move the CDs because we don’t have enough money invested to be in their CD program.   There were no pre-payment penalties.    Thru the end of May, this year, Chris Burleson reported $1,254,385 in income; expenses of $1,045,189 for a net income of $209,196.     Collections Department has collected nearly $60,000 since February.
  3. MAINTENANCE REPORT-Secretary Vidaurri reported forty-five (45) work orders completed; seventy two (72) work orders outstanding; maintainer is down; county working on our roads one (1) day a week; thanked David Grimes for his assistance on the road work;  have a broken Ferris mower; have broken tractor in the shop; Kubota ATV is down.
  4. UPDATE ON WEBSITE:  Secretary Vidaurri reported web page is up and running; she has been uploading photos.  We have to update everything.
  5. UPDATE ON NOMINATING ELECTIONS-Secretary Vidaurri stated voting procedures had changed last year.   A property owner has to request a ballot or vote in person November 5th.  If you want to vote confidentially, you will have to vote in person.   Reminders to vote and/or request a ballot will be on the website, Facebook, Welcome Center, Post Office, Pro Shop, and at meetings.
  6. PRESIDENT’S REPORT-President Walker reported:

1)  Thanked volunteers (doing a great job),

2)  Upgrades on golf course are being done,

3)  County working on maintaining roads,

4)  Ron Ryder resigned and we are going to miss him,

5)  Dividend check $6,491 from Texas Mutual (Worker’s Comp),

6)  Refund on dam insurance $5,210,

7)  Town Hall Meeting regarding Apache/Fire Department on 7/20,

8)  Please get with Missy Hodge re July 4th projects to coordinate.   Thanked Missy for all she is doing, putting a lot of time and effort into this Fourth of July activities,

9)  Auditors will be starting soon,

10) Thanked Kathleen Gose for all her help,

11) Please support all of our events,

12) Restaurateur gave us a schedule with his hours, closing his doors on July 8th.   Process will

begin on what we will do.


XII.         ADJOURN

Secretary Vidaurri motioned to adjourn; Vice-President Sizemore seconded.   Meeting was adjourned by President Walker.




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June 27, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Tonkawa Room
1 Hilltop Lodge Dr
Hilltop Lakes,TX77871United States
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