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POA Board Meeting

December 6, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm







December 6, 2018





Present:  Rocky Walker, Melody Vidaurri, Ron Ryder, Floyd Garrison, Dene

Huettel, Dee Kirk, Rene Castilla, Joe Bledsoe and Connie Saxton.   Seated later in

the meeting were Mike Sizemore, John Lagravier and Steve Brodine


Absent:  Ray Vogt


  1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER –President Walker @ 7:02 p.m.


Vice-President Vidaurri motioned to amend the Agenda:  1) to move the

treasurer’s report  (Section VIII.A.1)  to the top after the Approval of the Minutes

because Castilla is still currently a Board Member but shortly soon he will not be

so we want to get the report done before the new people come in and 2) discuss

the backhoe since it has been discussed several times and we have bids that have

been looked at several times.

Director Ryder seconded the motion.  Directors Castilla, Ryder, Vidaurri, Walker,

Huettel and Bledsoe voted for the amendments; Directors Kirk and Garrison

voted no.    Motion passed.


  1. INVOCATION -Deni Kunz



III.        APPROVAL OF AGENDA-Treasurer Castilla motioned to approve the Agenda as

amended; Vice-President Vidaurri seconded.  Vote was unanimous.



Ken Kunz:  He suggested moving the POA meetings to the Tonkawa Room so

people could order from the restaurant.

Joyce Perkins:  Commended everyone on the Board for a wonderful 2018.  Troupe

Over the Hill is planning a fundraiser for playground enhancements on January

18, 2019.  Fundraiser is still in planning stages but suggesting donations of $10 or

higher.    All monies will go back into playground improvements.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR October 25, November 8, 10, 13, and 16, 2018-

Director Ryder motioned to approve the Minutes as written; Director Kirk

seconded his motion and vote was unanimous.


AMENDED:  Treasurer’s Report-Treasurer Castilla reported figures are for

January 1 thru October 31, 2018.   Income was $2,151,314; expenses $2,005,971,

net was $145,343.  Capital outlays were $107,197; bank accounts for designated

funds total $644,782.37.   Operating funds available are $123,857.   November and

December are not available at this time.


He has been tracking the revenue and spending since 2009.  Trend has been

going down; numbers (revenue & expenses) are getting close to crossing.



  2. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Apache Security Renewal-Vice-President

Vidaurri motioned to table the Apache Security Renewal until they could talk

with the new board members regarding 24/7 coverage.   Treasurer Castilla

seconded the motion.  Vote was unanimous.

  1. AMENDED:  DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Backhoe-Secretary Vidaurri

motioned to purchase the 2016 backhoe; Vice-President Sizemore seconded

the motion.  Directors Huettel, Sizemore, Ryder, Vidaurri, Walker and

Lagravier voted for.  Directors Brodine and Garrison voted no.   Director Kirk

abstained.   Motion passed.



  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION – Seating of Three (3) New Board Members –President Walker thanked Joe Bledsoe, Rene Castilla and Ray Vogt for their service on the board. He introduced John Lagravier, Steve Brodine and Mike Sizemore as the newly elected board members, thanking them for running and joining the POA Board.
  2. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION – Election of 2018-2019 POA Board

Officers-Connie Saxton took nominations for the office of President.  Director Vidaurri nominated Rocky Walker for President of 2019 and Steve Brodine nominated Mike Sizemore for President.  Directors Garrison, Brodine and Kirk voted for Mike Sizemore;   Directors Vidaurri, Ryder, Huettel and Lagravier voted for Rocky Walker.   Rocky Walker is President for 2019.

President Walker called for Vice-President nominations.  Director Brodine nominated Mike Sizemore and the vote was unanimous.

President Walker called for Treasurer nominations.  Director Garrison nominated Steve Brodine and Director Vidaurri nominated John Lagravier.  Directors Brodine, Kirk, Garrison and Huettel voted for Steve Brodine.  Directors Walker, Ryder, Vidaurri, Sizemore and Lagravier voted for Lagravier.  Director Lagravier is Treasurer for 2019.

President Walker called for nominations for Secretary.  Director Brodine nominated Dene Huettel and John Lagravier nominated Director Vidaurri.   Directors Brodine, Kirk, Garrison and Huettel voted for Dene Huettel.  Directors Walker, Ryder, Vidaurri, Sizemore and Lagravier voted for Vidaurri.  Director Vidaurri is Secretary for 2019.

  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Set the 2019 Board Meeting Schedule-Secretary Vidaurri motioned to accept the dates as shown as well as move to

the Tonkawa Room for 2019.    Director Brodine seconded the motion and vote was unanimous.

  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION – Employee Christmas Bonus-Director Sizemore made a motion to table the discussion on their Christmas bonus at this time until we go into executive session and discuss this personnel issue and vote on it and then make a report on it; Director Garrison seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous.
  2. DISCUSSION ONLY-Beauty Shop-Discussion was a beauty shop located on one side of the exercise room. There is a bathroom and a sink in there.  Would we consider a person having a beauty shop there?   A partition would have to be built and would we add exhaust fans?    More discussions to follow.
  3. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION-Lot Given Back-Secretary motioned to take back the lot as requested; Vice-President Sizemore seconded the motion and vote was unanimous.


  2. TREASURER’S REPORT –See above.



President Walker thanked all the board members and the ones who ran and

all the volunteers.

He also stated there is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center if anyone

wants to serve on a committee.


  1.   ADJOURN


Director Garrison motioned to adjourn;   Director Ryder seconded and President

Walker adjourned the meeting.



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December 6, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm