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POA Board Meeting




MARCH 22, 2018




Present: Rocky Walker, Melody Vidaurri, Rene Castilla, Floyd Garrison, Dee Kirk, Ron Ryder, Dene Huettel

Absent: Joe Bledsoe, Ray Vogt


  1. CALL TO ORDER: OPEN SESSION – Meeting was called to order by President Rocky Walker at 7:09PM




  • APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Director Castilla motioned to approve the agenda; Director Ryder seconded. Approval of the agenda passed unanimously.



KENNETH RAY – Requested clarification as to whether he needs a permit to drive his double-seated ATV on HTL roads. He has been stopped by Leon County Sheriff’s deputies multiple times and told he does. Vice-President Melody Vidaurri said she also drives one. She explained that as long as Mr. Ray displays an orange triangle on the back or his flag, his vehicle is legal to drive without a permit. She referred him to DPS State Trooper Matt Holley for further explanation of the law.


WAYNETTE SHOCKEY – Non-profit organizations had a working relationship with the previous restaurant where they could bring food. The Troupe Over the Hill thought they had an understanding with the new restaurant for a “fun event” (non-revenue producing) potluck in the Tonkawa Room until today when they were told they also need to buy dessert.  They don’t feel they are taking away from the restaurant’s bottom line. The Tonkawa and Magnolia Rooms belong to the community. If it’s a bridal party, then they (restaurant) should have first choice to cater, but Troupe is just an organization. This needs to be thoughtfully discussed.


ROSE BALLARD – Distributed copies of logo for Overlook Restaurant sign parallel to Hwy 3. Presented her proposal to match colors and oval shape of HTL front entrance signs. Mrs. Ballard stated the existing sign is weathered and dated. She has spoken with Sandy Villalta and noted that Sandy is in agreement with changes to the existing signage.   Mrs. Ballard has some ideas to address expenses which she will share at a later time.


DON MADEWELL – Questioned the board regarding accuracy of financial summary. President Walker assured him our Financial Committee is working toward updating the reports.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES for February 22nd and March 8, 2018: Director Rene’ Castilla motioned to approve the minutes; Director Floyd Garrison entered a motion to second. The vote was unanimous.



Personnel:  President Rocky Walker stated the board met in Executive Session to discuss contract issues which he is not free to share at this time, but will at a later date.


  1. DISCUSSION: Lodge Update – President Rocky Walker briefly updated on hail damage and leaking skylights at the Lodge. Clogged gutters caused water to back up into the restaurant. Vice-President Viduarri put in work orders to clean the gutters. She is trying to secure the building, but it’s difficult to do. She appreciates Eric Aaron, the Kickapoo employees, and Juan’s help keeping the building and the restaurant locked at night. Vice-President Viduarri asks Property Owners to please be patient with and support Juan and the restaurant.


  1. DISCUSSION: Bylaw Review Form – Director Rene’ Castilla shared the form which is available at the Welcome Center. If anyone has concerns or anything they want the committee to consider, please use the form. The Bylaw Committee meets the 4th Tuesday of each month.


  1. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION – Facility Rental Contract: Director Rene’ Castilla reviewed changes to consider in the Facilities Rental Contract. (NOTE: The Facilities Rental Contract is available at the Welcome Center). He strongly urges Property Owners to consider our Community Center as the primary building for community activities as Hilltop Lakes has provided a refrigerator, two microwaves, coffee pots, restrooms and is not in competition with the restaurant. We need to take advantage of every revenue producing facility we have.

When Director Castilla finished speaking, several Property Owners addressed the board:

KENNETH RAY:  If I have a party now in the Tonkawa room, I have to pay, correct? Answer: Yes.

  1. RAY: I’m totally fine with that. I was shocked I didn’t have to pay.

SWEN CRONE: How does this impact Lion’s Club Bingo and meetings, Troupe functions? Answer: We will renegotiate contract with Lions Club when it expires.

ERIC AARON: Is there a provision for damages done to the facilities without alcohol? Answer: Yes. Have the rates been lowered from previous non-property owner’s rates? Why are you increasing rates for property owners? Answer:  We are comparable with surrounding communities – Madisonville, Jewett.

 Non-property owners need to pay fees so Marketing Committee can solicit them.

KEN KUNZ – Historically when fees increase some people quit paying.

Answer: The committee explored these possibilities.

CHARLOTTE WADDILL: Had questions regarding fees for her family reunion and contracts/deposits. Answer: She was encouraged to pick up a copy of the contract so she can read it.

DON MADEWELL: Questioned Grandfathered contracts based upon what “was” and not on what “will be”. Answer: Grandfathered contracts were not discussed. The problem with our Facility Rental Contract has been ongoing since Cheryl worked here.

DONNA WIMBISH: Sponsors dances through the Kickapoo Club for the community. Will we be charged? Answer: Yes DONNA: We don’t charge. Answer: You leased through the Kickapoo Club.

WAYNETTE SHOCKEY: We came here because of all the amenities. To change like that for all these organizations that bring people to The Hill is not fair.

JACK WIMBISH: We need to generate income for HTL, but not from those who live here, who volunteer and try to keep up this place. Make it easy; let us use our facilities. This policy is too strict. Due to financial reasons, the Troupe can’t have a show in the Tonkawa Room and now the restaurant won’t make money on it.


President Rocky Walker called for Discussion from the Directors on the Board:

Ron Ryder: Would like to see us bring money from other ways. For example, the storage area, with some marketing, could be tripled in size. Our Campground needs to be increased by adding sewer and electricity. This will bring money to The Hill without having to do this. Our Fire/EMS is hurting, the POA too. We need to make compromises. Hold a Town Hall and bring ideas. (NOTE: TOWN HALL is APRIL 7th)

Rene’ Castilla: Dedicate the Community Center to our Community for you to use. The Rental Contract was a difficult thing for us (Financial Committee) to bring forward. Our facilities are expensive to operate; utilities are very high; someone has to open the room, set up/take down tables and chairs, turn on/off lights and air conditioning. Our rates are fair.

Floyd Garrison moved to approve the Facility Rental Contract as presented. Melody Viduarri seconded.

Melody Viduarri then opened for discussion. She is uncomfortable with the contract. At the Fire Board they asked for $20 a month and no one had a problem with that, but if we ask for $5, the property owners would “go crazy”. We can’t continue to take care of our amenities; everything takes money, we aren’t selling lots or houses.

Vice-President Vidaurri motioned to table the Facility Rental Contract until a Special Meeting is called. Director Dee Kirk seconded. Those voting in favor – Directors Vidaurri, Kirk and Ryder; those voting against – Directors Garrison, Castilla and Huettel. President Walker voted against which broke the tie. The vote to table did not pass.


Facility Contract Fees – A motion was made by President Walker and seconded by Director Garrison to accept the contract as presented. Those voting in favor were Directors Garrison, Ryder, Castilla and Huettel; those opposed were Viduarri and Kirk. The motion passed.


  1. DISCUSSION & POSSIBLE ACTION – Lion’s Club Sponsorship of Playground

President Rocky Walker advised the community that the Lion’s Club will adopt the playgrounds across from the Community Center and at Lake Tonkawa. They will care for the grounds and will put up signs announcing their sponsorship. Director Rene’ Castilla made a motion to accept the Lion’s proposal as presented; Director Garrison seconded. The board is very grateful to the Lion’s Club for their generosity.


  2. TREASURER’S REPORT: Director Castilla reviewed the Treasurer’s report for February 1-28, 2018:

Income including revenue from Trail fees = $193,898; Expenses = $165,913; Net income = $27,985.

Bank Accounts: Total available for operations $96,591.15

Year-to-Date January 1, 2018 – February 28, 2018:  Income = $374,851; Expenses = $350,862; Net income = $23,988

Director Floyd Garrison made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report; Director Rene’ Castilla seconded. Discussion ensued wherein Vice-President Melody Vidaurri requested the board consider Mr. Don Madewell’s remarks. Vote to approve Treasurer’s Report: Directors Garrison, Castilla, Ryder, Huettel – Yes; Vice-President Vidaurri – No; Director Kirk – Abstain. The vote to approve the Treasurer’s report passed.


  1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: President Rocky Walker reported on the following items:
  2. Thanks the volunteers, Bill Johnson and Vice-President Melody Viduarri for all the hours of hard work after the recent storm damage, to the Post Office and on the restaurant.
  3. Board continues to work on upgrading scheduling of rooms and buildings for activities.
  4. Communications with employees are improving.
  5. Jennifer Pilarski, Activities Coordinator, resigned and is leaving April 1st. She has done a good job for us and we wish her well.
  6. We have added a personal floating day to the HTL employee calendar for a total of 10 holidays.
  7. Thanks to the Lions Club for sponsoring the parks.
  8. Aviators (Jim Miles) creating promotional HTL/Restaurant video for website is in discussion.
  9. Owen Smith volunteered to update golfing portion of the webpage.
  10. Community Center roof has been repaired and now includes a warranty.
  11. There was a lot of tree damage from last Sunday’s storm. Call Susan Aguirre at the Welcome Center to schedule tree removal using volunteers.
  12. Tuesday, April 3rd, is a workday at the golf course due to tree damage.
  13. Vice-President Melody Vidaurri will introduce our new key procedure at our next monthly meeting.


                KEN KUNZ: Regarding the Treasurer’s Report P&L statement, last year’s net income looks good. Why are we in a money crunch if it looks like we have that much money?

                KENNTEH RAY: Past due assessment fees need to be waived. I understand back taxes, but I don’t want to pay old POA fees. Get back POA fees stripped off lots, if you want to make some money.  Director Ron Ryder responded that the Marketing/Lots Committee is trying to get them cleared.

                ERIC AARON: Is there a policy to waive unpaid/back POA fees? Answer: Not at this time. Can we please create a policy to waive those fees?

                CHARLOTTE WADDILL: The first 3 lots I bought were on the steps of the Courthouse. $1500 in back taxes and the guy hadn’t paid in 25 years.

                WAYNETTE SHOCKEY: Contract with the restaurant? What does it cover? Does is cover common property? Director Castilla responded that he never said it covers common property, but that it covers the Arrowhead Lodge and advised her to use the Community Center instead.


  1. ADJOURN: Motion to Adjourn was made by Director Rene’ Castilla and seconded by Vice-President Melody Vidaurri. It passed unanimously at 8:29PM.





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March 22, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Community Center