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COVID-19 Update for Re-Opening on the Hill


May 20, 2020

Hilltop Lakes Property Owners:

In an effort to return life at Hilltop Lakes to closer to ‘normal’, while continuing to consider the health and safety of employees, property owners and business partners, the following additional resetting of operations are being made as a result of Governor Abbott’s executive order GA-23 related to the expanded opening of Texas.

These changes are effective for the dates indicated below:

  • Pool – will open on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 10 a.m. – Current Swimming Pool Rules apply with the following adjustments/additions to enable compliance with GA-23:
    • The pool will open for use from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. each day.
    • Open at 25% capacity per the governor’s orders – this translates to allowing a maximum of 37 persons in the combined big pool deck and wade pool deck areas, with no more than 13 people actually in the pool at any one time – one of those can be in the wade pool.
    • Groups/families must maintain 6 feet of space from all other groups both on the deck and in the pool.
    • At least one person in the group must have either a current property owners’ ID card with his/her photo, a guest pass issued at the Welcome Center (the pass must have the property owner’s information on it as well as the guest’s name), OR a guest of management pass (i.e. motel or campground guests). PLEASE NOTE:  this is a standard requirement under ‘normal’ operations, but is worthy of restatement.
    • POA employees (pool monitors) will do their best to help ensure all guests get to enjoy the pool – pool goers should cooperate with the methods employed to achieve this – these will be posted and explained at the pool.
    • Property owners and guests will sign in when entering the pool area (providing proper ID or guest pass) – pool monitors will note the time of arrival. In the event that more than 37 people arrive at the pool during the same time, use of the pool area will be limited to two hours at a time.
      • If capacity is met, individuals or groups may wait outside the pool area for their ‘turn’.
      • When people are ‘waiting’, pool monitors will remind pool users when their two hours have expired – this is meant to indicate it is someone else’s turn. After leaving to allow others to use the pool area, guests may return two hours later.
      • If there are no people ‘waiting’ or capacity is not met, no time limit will be in effect.
    • Swimming pool goers are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer and disinfectant to use before and after touching anything on the pool deck.
    • A copy of current Swimming Pool Rules is kept at the swimming pool office, should you have questions about the ‘typical’ rules that remain in effect.

IMPORTANT – The pool, like other amenities, is re-opening in order to allow property owners to utilize as much of what Hilltop Lakes has to offer as possible.  Managing the use of the pool at the required reduced capacity is new for POA staff and may prove to be challenging.  Property owner/guest cooperation with these unusual (potentially frustrating) rules is necessary to ensure the pool remains open during the current mandates.


  • Golf Pro Shop
    • Effective immediately (May 20th) – Golf carts will be available for rent – only one rider per cart unless the two riders are from the same household. Golf carts will be sanitized after each use, as required by GA-23 and the minimum standard health protocols.
    • Effective Monday, May 25th – activities organized by MGA, WGA & LGA of Hilltop Lakes may resume – members of these groups must maintain social distancing. In order to facilitate social distancing, these groups may use the pavilion at the golf course to conduct play day pre and post round activities.  GA-23 continues to require that no more than 4 players participate at any time – therefore, play day activities must require no more than 4 players per group.  MGA, WGA & LGA are responsible to ensure that GA-23 and minimum standard health protocols are followed.
    • Effective Monday, June 1, 2020 – Pro shop will continue to be open for normal business hours – with a limitation of 10 property owners/guests allowed in the pro shop at any given time to meet the 50% capacity rule – this is an increase supported by GA-23. Social distancing should still be observed.
    • Effective June 1, 2020 – formal/organized tournaments hosted at Hilltop Lakes Golf Course may resume. Tournament organizer & Pro Shop manager will coordinate together to ensure GA-23 (or any future executive orders issued) and minimum standard health protocols are followed during all tournaments.   Rules in effect at the time of the tournament (i.e. one rider per golf cart) will apply to formal tournaments as they do for individuals or informal play.
  • Community Center and Lodge (all rooms except Kickapoo Club, which may re-open as permitted under GA-23, at the discretion of the club’s board of directors) are available for POA use (committees, employee meetings, etc.), at 25% capacity provided proper social distancing is maintained. All other use of these rooms will be assessed for availability on a case by case basis.

The list below addresses amenities/facilities where operations are unchanged from last communication (May 1st):

  • Welcome Center
  • Post Office
  • Tennis Courts
  • Use of other Outdoor Amenities (playgrounds, lakes, parks, etc.)
  • Pilot’s Lounge
  • Teen Center remains closed
  • Stables
  • Motel & Campgrounds
  • Golf Course
  • Events/Activities
  • Board of Directors’ Meetings

As a reminder (previously communicated on May 1), to facilitate the least interruption to your ongoing enjoyment of the many amenities at Hilltop Lakes, please carry your property owners’ ID card with you at all times and be willing to show it to security should they request it.  Property owners should secure guest passes for their guests to have on their person.

The Board of Directors wants to thank property owners for being vigilant in following recommendations previously provided by the federal, state, and county agencies, as well as adhering to specific requirements of executive orders. Please continue to follow these recommendations to help protect yourselves and your community.

Take care!

Annette Craig

President, POA of Hilltop Lakes


May 21, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm