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July 21, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



July 21, 2018, 2018



NEWS Central – POA of Hilltop Lakes, TX




Present: Rocky Walker, Melody Vidaurri, Rene’ Castilla, Dee Kirk, Ron Ryder, Floyd Garrison, Ray Vogt, Joe Bledsoe, Dene Huettel


Thank you to the Volunteers for the Best Independence Day parade ever!


  1. Security – The current Leon County Sheriff’s Office contract ends September 30, 2018. Options for security include two contracts with interviews scheduled Thursday. They will be Level III (armed), 24/7 coverage and will save us $70,000 annually. One contract provides a car, insurance, gas, uniforms, vacation, workman’s comp; the other wants us to provide fuel and cars.

Scott Christensen: Does private security company have increased exposure to our POA liability and, are they bonded and insured? They can enforce our POA rules; they carry their own insurance with no impact on us. Our attorneys recommended that if we went with a private security company, we find one that is bonded and insured.

Hank Dembosky: Scope? Input from property owners…how will property owners know what we’re paying for? Next Thursday, we will publicize which company and what they will do. They will enforce HTL rules and do what we ask them to do. County deputies can’t enforce HTL rules.

A Property Owner Asked: What law enforcement authority will they have? They will be armed, carry mace and can detain until LCSO arrives; current average is 48 mins per call to LCSO.

John Faulk: Enforce speed limits? Yes, we’ll call county and state trooper as well (for all state laws).

Melody Vidaurri: I have facts to prove our state trooper has written more citations than our own deputy.

Jerry Roberts: Enforce golf carts? Yes, they will enforce golf cart rules and they call parents to come get them (the underage drivers).

James Sliva: Phone number? Yes, in the Welcome Center. Patrol will have routes, scanners, cars equipped with GPS. Board will be provided with a report of previous day’s activity; they will patrol when/where we want them.

Al Hooper: Down side to private patrol?

Charlotte Waddill: Can’t immediately take them to Centerville.

Rene’ Castilla/Rocky Walker: They are not police officers, so they can’t arrest and take them to Centerville, but other than that they can do everything a police officer can do. We’ll have one per shift, seven days a week.

Eric Aaron: Is the $70,000/year savings contract price? So, counting vehicles, fuel, maintenance, etc., we’re actually saving closer to $100,000.

John Faulk: Use of old patrol cars? Truck in Maintenance and car in Welcome Center for running errands.

Sue Levin: Did you say they can hold? Yes. Do they wear guns? Yes. Well, that should protect people!

Rocky Walker: They can act as Lake Marshals, they do have marked vehicles so you’ll know they are security; they wear uniforms.

Melody Vidaurri: They can detain until deputies arrive. If we can’t get people out here fast enough, you need to think about that at the next County election.

Randy Schiamara: Melody said the trooper wrote more tickets than deputy.  Where did you get that information?

Melody Vidaurri: From the Trooper

Randy Schiamara: Did trooper make more traffic stops or more tickets?

Melody Vidaurri: More citations. I can get that information for you.

Randy Schiamara: What about traffic stops; did he do more than the deputy?

Melody Vidaurri: Well, I’d have to ask him, but I know he’s given more citations. Doesn’t cost us anything.


  1. Restaurant – We have two (2) proposals and we’re interviewing this Thursday. One is with two brothers, one lives here on The Hill; the other is with a lady who lives here on The Hill. One will be open six (6) days; the other will be open Thursday-Saturday with Sunday brunch. Both appear to be very good. We’ll have more information at Thursday night’s meeting. Looking for a September opening.

Steve Brodine: Do they have restaurant experience? Murray brothers – yes. Hartmann – baking and catering.


  • Bylaws – We will vote Thursday.

Eric Aaron: Did we strike the proposal to remove a director? Is it still unanimous? Yes.


  1. Future Improvements:

Spillway –Moved lots of concrete, rock and dirt. Director Dee Kirk said project is about half-filled. Still have road issues, but working on them.

Playground – raised money at Independence Day festivities.

Finances – hoped to have a report, still working on codes. Finance Manager Position is posted; requires accounting degree; knowledge of POA/HOA finances, understanding of accounting principles, GAAP trained. Audit next Wednesday-Friday; results will be forthcoming.

Webpage –working on social media page for info sharing only

John Faulk: Contact architectural or high schools to update mini-golf with Indian motif and give money for prizes. Our Marketing Committee is considering that.

Jim Thornton: Before grading roads, contact Kevin Cox in Water Department to mark the water lines.

Hank Dembosky: Embellish on Future Improvements list?

Melody Vidaurri: Maintenance –Replace rotten piers; buildings are in disrepair – teen building at swimming pool; Tonkawa roof; signage on roads; culvert, dams and bulkheads

Jerry Roberts: Homes in disrepair? ACC sends letters; homeowners are responsible for repairs.

Faulk: Lots? Marketing Lots and Promotions Lots. Tiny homes- 10 sections; checking delinquent and non-collectible lots; working with ISD to get lots back and start marketing.

John Faulk: Suggest working with Geography Department in (Blinn). They have Geographic Information System to plot streets and lots; do electronic overlays; determine lot sizes.

Melody Vidaurri: That’s perfect, I’ve been doing it by hand.

Jerry Roberts: Who pays water and electricity to those areas? Melody Vidaurri: Once construction starts, Water Department has 60 days to run water to property, electricity is already there. We’re not looking at areas with no electricity. Belin was very smart in how he developed out here.

Rocky Walker: 94 properties transferred since January 1st.  ESD losing tax money needed support EMS/VFD. Lots is a big project, but we’re getting closer. Volunteers Bill Johnson and Judy Martindale do so much work; I think their next project is ProShop. Our equipment is old, needs replacing; we have a great mechanic, but there’s only so much he can do. Hired a new Maintenance Super – Charles Cooper. Made changes in the Welcome Center with a couple more to come; trying to get people moving forward as we grow this place. I want to thank the Board.

John Faulk: State of Texas has excess equipment. Get a used chipper and turn that wood into mulch rather than burn it.

Steve Brodine: Future Improvements – pave roads instead of replacing sprinkler system at golf course. Is sprinkler system on 5 year plan?

Bobby Horn: Put a lot of money into a tractor. Did you bid for it? It was under contract; we upgraded. Thanks to Normangee Tractor and Floyd Garrison who worked out a deal for us.

Debbie Edwards: I enjoy our pool, but gate is open when no one is there to check us in. People are swimming in their clothes; diving in shallow (2’) area. Need someone to enforce pool rules.

James Sliva: Gate was locked and people climbed fence to enter the pool area.

Melody Vidaurri: Security can enforce our pool rules.


Adjourned at 9:45AM





Respectfully submitted by Dene Huettel, Board Secretary





July 21, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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