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May 17, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



MAY 17, 2018




NEWS Central POA of Hilltop Lakes




Present: Rocky Walker, Melody Vidaurri, Ron Ryder, Floyd Garrison, Joe Bledsoe, Dene Huettel

Absent: Rene’ Castilla, Ray Vogt, Dee Kirk


  1. CALL TO ORDER: OPEN SESSION – Meeting was called to order by President Rocky Walker at 6:02PM.


President Walker introduced the Marketing Promotions program by stating that nine (9) lots have sold this week.


  1. NEW BUSINESS AND POSSIBLE ACTION – Marketing Promotion Proposal

 Vice-President Melody Vidaurri presented a Power Point Presentation regarding the need for marketing our amenities using the name “Hilltop Lakes Resort” as our brand. The Welcoming Committee determined a need for a bag, but turned it over to the Marketing Committee. The Marketing Committee is seeking advertisers to cover the costs of purchasing and printing the bags which will be used at several upcoming functions including but not limited to our July 7th Independence Day Celebration, bridal showers, festivals and fairs. Funds in excess of these expenses will go into a Marketing Fund to purchase T-shirts, pool bags, and tumblers. Everything we buy we’ll get from our Marketing funds. July 7th activities planned by Marketing Promotions Committee include:

Sharing a booth with the Activities Director. Marketing will donate food and sell plates of smoked drumstick, chips and a drink for $5.00

Children’s games

 Raffle a golf package

Enter a float in the parade

Sell teal blue Hilltop T-shirts

Infant/Toddler Photo Pageant

Rock painting activity


Other fund-raising activities planned by the Marketing Promotions Committee include: Judy Martindale will sponsor a Tennis Camp the 2nd week of June and donate the proceeds to the Marketing Promotions Fund. A 5K Run is scheduled to help fund the Playground Improvement Project in September or October. A fish day event for youth and a brisket night and chili cook-off are planned but dates are TBD. Food will be Monday and Tuesday so as to not interfere with the Restaurant.


Marketing Lots – how can we promote Lots? We will have a Power Point Presentation at the Thursday, May 24th POA meeting in the Community Center. Marketing Promotions and Marketing Lots Committees will merge eventually when Promotions will take over Lots.


Need viable website to initiate Marketing – we do not own the one we have. Each revision to the current website costs $75.00. We need to get our own which will be much less expensive and a more usable marketing tool. We could use it to make reservations, pay fees, vote, post Newsletter, information, photos, resources, and so much more.


Questions from Members:

Linda Field: What is current Marketing Budget? None; we don’t have one.

Kari Hodges: What can we do as a Community to help promote this? Volunteer!

Judy Martindale: If you know of a business who would like to sponsor the bag; it’s unlimited the number of people here who could sponsor or advertise the bag. Yes! The realtors would love to participate, but it doesn’t have to be people just here on The Hill.

Linda Field: Who is our point person? Lisa Harvey, Activities Director at the Welcome Center, is our Staff Liaison.

Linda Field: So the volunteers are helping with some of these fundraisers? Yes!

Deni Kunz: Everyone is using those types of bags (like a backpack) everywhere; they are reusable, visible, and handy.

Joe Bledsoe: If you get 20 people to give you $100, and you get 10 to give you $1000, how do you get all those advertisers on a bag that size? Joyce Perkins: We have an 8×8 space; advertisers will pay to get their names (no logos) seen.

Judy Martindale: I would like to have sponsors for my Tennis Camp T-shirts. Yes, the POA Board will work with you.


President Rocky Walker reminded the Board that we were there to discuss the Marketing Promotions Proposal and called for a motion of what they were asking for.


Vice-President Melody Vidaurri made a motion to approve this as a Marketing plan, everything that was said in it and that we are able to use the word “Resort” on our Marketing material that she is not advocating that we change the name, but that we can’t market without using the name Resort. Motion was seconded by Ron Ryder.

Discussion was called for by Director Floyd Garrison concerning attachments to the agenda. He agreed to what Vice-President Melody Vidaurri wanted to do, but wanted to define it. President Rocky Walker asked that Vice-President Vidaurri amend her motion to define what she asking.


Vice President Melody Vidaurri amended her motion to accept this proposal for the July 7th Weekend activities. Motion was seconded by Director Ron Ryder.  President Walker noted that by next week we will have another motion to go forward with the rest of the activities. Director Floyd Garrison questioned what pertained to the amendment and clarified that the motion was to proceed with the Advertising sheet (fundraiser) and the July 7th events. Motion passed unanimously.


  • ADJOURN: A motion to adjourn was made by Director Floyd Garrison and seconded by Director Joe Bledsoe; passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 6:32PM




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May 17, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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