Golf Course Closure

We will be hosting a High School Golf Tournament Monday, March 1, 2021.  There will be about 120 students so the golf course will be closed until they are finished which may be all day.  Thank you. 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING February 25, 2021 OPEN SESSION (VIRTUAL) @ 7:00 p.m. – VIA ZOOM WEBINAR* AGENDA Call to Order Approval of Agenda Recap of Decisions Taken Since Last Meeting – Discussion Only Approval of Minutes for January 28, 2021 Members to be Heard Standing Committees Nominations & Elections Committee – Discussion & Potential … Read more


EVENTS COORDINATOR A full-time position is available in the Activities Department at POA of Hilltop Lakes, Inc.  Job duties include, but not limited to, promoting and coordinating group events and activities at Hilltop Lakes, schedule events and facilities for local groups and organizations, book holiday and special events hosted by Hilltop Lakes, and decorate accordingly … Read more