Calvin Balch

My name is Calvin Balch and I have chosen to run for the POA board in 2020. I am an Assistant Fire Chief/Lead Paramedic at a large chemical plant in Houston with a combined 16 year career between Municipal and Industrial Fire and EMS. My job now is heavily administrative, with emphasis on managing employees, balancing a large budget, procuring equipment, managing contractors, and ensuring that my department meats all guidelines governing the fire service. My department boasts 96 of the best industrial firefighters and medics around and I’m wholly committed to making them better every day.

 I found out about Hilltop lakes 5 years ago when a friend who was working for EMS asked me to work a few shifts. Before my first 24 hours at HTL had ended I knew I would own land soon, and I did. I am an avid tournament fisherman, golfer and hunter and my boys share the same interests, minus golf. I am a married father of 2 boys, and Hilltop is our slice of heaven. Likely you have seen us fishing or tubing in the big red bass boat. My family has come to love Hilltop like I do and there’s nowhere we would rather spend the weekend. My wife has expressed interest in buying a house in 2021 for weekend trips and to eventually retire to, so I guess you could say we are putting down roots. Hilltop has been good to me, and the people have been good to me. When discussing the decision with my wife to run for the board, I told her I’ve taken a lot from my time as a property owner and I’ve given very little back. Shame on me for that. Whether I am elected to the board or not, I am making myself available to help Hilltop in any way I can going forward.

Roy Borgman

Roy Borgman has been a resident of Hilltop Lakes since 2017. He has a BSC in Communications from Ohio University in 1976

Over 45 years, Foy had four jobs or careers.   From 1976-1980, he was a field representative for the FBI in Washington, D.C.; from 1980-2004, he was sales representative forking his way up to a division manager for Gestetner/Ricoh Corporation; from 2004-2010, he was a finance manager in a three-state territory for GE; and from 2011 to the present, he has been an employee of Heartland Payment Systems doing payroll credit card services and E-Commerce payment for over 500 merchants in a 50-mile radius.

Hilltop Lakes has been a client with Heartland Payment Systems since 2011.

Roy feels the key element critical in all of his work experiences, no matter at what level was “communication.” His interest in serving on the POA Board is to “ensure that the communication of everything, other than personnel issues, is available to the residents that I serve at all times!

“Also, that I will not be influenced by anyone, but will base my decisions on what is best for Hilltop Lakes property owners.

“I look forward to serving, if elected, to offer my experience to provide insight into any areas of the busines for hilltop Lakes. The biggest piece of being successful in any business is ‘communication’ and the most important part of that is ‘listening’.” For three years, Roy served on the Home Owners Association Board of Memorial Hills Subdivision in Houston.

Don Madewell

Don Madewell has a Business Administration degree from the University of Texas, Dallas campus, with a major in accounting. He spent almost eight years as an analyst in the U.S. Air Force, with the last four years working at the National Security Agency (NSA). Don spent 29 years as a peace officer before retiring from law enforcement.  He retired as a Sergeant from the City of Dallas City Marshall’s office. Don Madewell also has twenty one years experience as a tax preparer with H & R Block. Don originally moved to Hilltop Lakes in 1999. He then moved to Austin and returned to Hilltop in 2007. Don Madewell served 3 years on the POA Board starting in 2011. The board spent over half a million dollars on capital improvements during his three years on the board.

Floyd Garrison

Floyd Garrison grew up working with his father, mother and brother at a full-service Shell Station in California.  He also attended an automotive machinist apprentice school for two years.

In Challis, Idaho, Floyd worked at a mine as a foreman over the heavy equipment on set up.

Floyd worked 14 years for Wal Mart as a mechanic for eight years and then as a department manager for both automotive and sporting goods.  The last six years, he was sporting goods department manager as well as district manager.

For five years, Floyd worked as a pump technician at Fogle’s Water Well and Pump Service and then as a branch manager for five years. For these positions, he had an administrator electrical license, a specialty plumber and electrical license and a Class A CDL. Floyd also is a licensed water surveyor.

After leaving Fogle’s, Floyd started his own successful well drilling and pump business which included developing plans for extensive water lines, plumbing and electrical work. He handled all the books and ordering of supplies as well as hands-on running of equipment and maintenance and employee, state and federal taxes.

Running his own business gave Floyd experience in payroll, taxes, finances, building, plumbing, welding, electrical wiring, water lines, operating heavy equipment, mechanics and business management as well as employee management. Floyd and wife Vicky have been married for 36 years.


Melody Vidaurri

I worked for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department for over 20 years.  Prior to working in the Juvenile Justice System, I spent four years in the United States Navy (electrician) and ten years in the United States Naval Reserve while attending school.  In preparing for retirement I looked at Hilltop Lakes and knew I wanted to live and retire on the Hill with my family.  I have lived on the Hill since 2010. 

I attended the University of Texas in Austin where I achieved a BA in Psychology and later received my  MA in Sociology from PV A&M. I have spent the last 27 years in the juvenile criminal justice field where I  served in many roles to include: Mental Health Worker, Probation Officer, Supervisor of Detention, and Trainer for Juvenile Officers, Director of Security, Director of Security Operations, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent and my last position as State Facility Administrator. 


I genuinely believe that all the different positions I have held (animal technician, farrier, zookeeper, electrician, carpenter & waitress) has helped me to recognize and identify problems in the workplace as well as an overall understanding of different functional areas.  I rely on information and I perform additional research to verify that the information is accurate and reliable.  Once the problem has been identified I work with the board to develop and implement the corrective action that brings the POA in compliance with POA rules and policies.


I have served on the POA board for the last 2 ½ years.  The first year I was the Vice President, the 2nd year I held the Secretary position and the 3rd year as a Board Member.  During my tenure I have written several policies as well as revised current policies.  I have served on several committees to include: Chair for Bylaws, Chair of Maintenance, Chair of Marketing, Member of  ACC and  Member of the Finance Committee.  I along with other volunteers in our community have spent numerous hours in volunteering to improve infrastructures, painting, remodeling, kitchen restoration, plumbing at campground, landscaping, cleaning, mowing, planning  events, etc.  After serving these past years, I have gained a deep appreciation for all past and current board members.  In one of the first candidate forums I spoke of changes that needed to occur to not only improve Hilltop Lakes, but to also make it prosperous and to improve upon what currently exists.  I also stated that it would take 3-6 years to identify and correct.  I have gained a lot of POA experience and feel that the current board has worked  hard in becoming a team and getting things done for the Hill.  I would like to be a part of the 2021 board and represent all property owners, current and new. I have a lot of energy and absolutely love the Hill and my community.  Lastly, when I have time, I love to golf, fish, and enjoy time with my family and all the wonderful people we have met on the Hill.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquires.  Mvidaurri1@gmail.com    512 657 0267

Jimmie H. Miles

Jimmie ‘Jim’ Miles and his wife of 46 years, Janie, have been property owners in Hilltop Lakes since 2002.  They became full-time residents in 2019.

Jim and Janie have three sons and three granddaughters who love HTL.

After graduating from Sam Houston High School in Houston, Jim began his working career as a roofer, it only took six months for him to decide there were better ways of earning a living.

After a stint as a forklift driver, Jim entered the Houston Fire Academy. He graduated four months later in 1974.

During his career with the Houston Fire Department, Jim was in structural firefighting, heavy rescue and EMS, and aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF). While assigned to the ARFF station at Bush Intercontinental Airport, Jim was in charge of a rescue team as well as being a District Training Officer. He was instrumental in developing a training program for airline pilots so they could know want to expect from ARFF crews during an emergency.

Jim was promoted from firefighter to engineer/operator, captain and finally arson investigator.  He spent the last 10 years with HFD assigned to the Arson Bureau.

While still with HFD, Jim attended Houston Community College Police Academy. In 1995, he became a certified peace officer. This was important when he was promoted to the Arson Bureau, the law enforcement side of the fire service.

With the Bureau, Jim investigated fires to determine whether the fire was accidental or arson.  They also worked homicides, cases with ATF, FBI and Secret Service.

Jim retired after 35 years with the HFD and went to work for the City of Shenandoah as a police officer and fire marshal.  He developed a fire prevention program for the city and conducted annual business inspections.

Jim worked for the Shenandoah from 2009 to 2016 when he went to work for a large consulting firm in Houston where he is still employed.  His responsibility is to oversee fire protection in plans for the three Houston airports including Intercontinental, Hobby and Ellington. His retirement date is Oct. 2, 2020.

Jim’s prior board positions included Houston Professional Firefighters Association, President of the Northwest 45 Sports Association and board of director for Texas Fire Marshal’s Association for six years.

“I feel strongly that all areas of our community should be treated equally and fairly. I am a firm believer that no one POA board member, once elected, should have a personal agenda or make their section of their favorite amenity any better than the others. We all live where we do of r a reason, but what makes Hilltop Lakes great are all the amenities together. Remove one and you have destroyed this place.

“It is for all the reasons you have just read that I am running for a position on the Board of Directors of Hilltop Lakes POA and would be most grateful for your support and vote.”