Subject: RE: August COVID-19 Testing Sites for Leon County

All, Here is a list of dates and locations for COVID-19 testing.All are walk through except the EXPO.

August 3rd

Buffalo City Hall

812 N. Buffalo Avenue

Buffalo TX 75831

903-322-4741       Admin

903-388-5833       Mayor Jarrod Jones

August 4th

Jewett Civic Center

111 Robinson Avenue

Jewett TX 75846

903-626-4202       Admin

August 5th

Leon County EXPO Drive Thru

3637 County Road 305

Buffalo TX 75831

979-255-9668       EMC Jim Carrigan

August 6th

Hilltop Lakes Center

3 Lodge Dr

Normangee TX 77871

August 7th

Marquez Civic Center

Lauren Powers


  1.  Will the COVID-19 testing cost the county, site location, or individuals anything? NO, it will be just like the TMD testing just done by a contractor/ State
  2. Will the testing crew clean and disinfect the facility after they are finished or is that on the facility / county? YES, they will wipe down and clean just like a disinfecting team. 
  3. Will the Expo be a suitable location for the testing using the front foyer and the kitchen for air conditioning? YES, it should be fine.
  4. What are the requirements for the testing team as a facility? (ADA, Restroom, Air Conditioning, Ect.)YES, all the above. 
  5. What are the expected result times from the new testing. 48 -72 hours. 
  6. What is the maximum number of tests per day. 500? Depends on the flow and accommodations. 


Jim Carrigan

Leon County Emergency Management

155 N. Cass

CentervilleTX. 75833

903-536-4407 Work

979-255-9668 Cell