June 28, 2020

Hilltop Lakes Property Owners:

There are two important topics to communicate today.

First, as was announced in the board of directors’ meeting on June 25th, an employee of the POA recently tested positive for COVID-19.  The case appears to be travel-related.  The following actions have been taken since the POA was notified by the employee of the positive result:

  • Reviewed CDC documentation on steps to take.
  • Employee identified individuals who were POTENTIALLY exposed through employee’s work activities, based on CDC definitions/recommendations.  Work-related exposure to others, as defined by the CDC, was minimal.
  • Informed those individuals (employees, property owners, and any business partners) who were potentially exposed, as identified by the employee.    Where appropriate, employees were asked to quarantine.
  • Thoroughly cleaned/disinfected affected employee’s primary work station and other areas in the Welcome Center that the employee might have been active in – it’s important to note that employee had been away from primary work station for more than 3 full days prior to being tested.
  • Reminded employees to practice social distancing, wash hands thoroughly & frequently, continue to practice the extra cleaning activities that were put into place in March.
  • Reminded employees not to come to work if they are experiencing and COVID-19 symptoms.

While the POA had previously put several safety measures in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst employees, property owners & guests, and business partners, the occurrence within our community requires extra efforts and ongoing diligence to help ensure the health and safety of the community.  Therefore, the following NEW measures will be taken, effective June 29th:

  • For the week of June 29th-July 5th, the Welcome Center will be short-staffed – while the lobby will be open, in order to manage activity AND to ensure we protect those employees, the front door will be locked, with entry permitted by staff.  This will help minimize the number of visitors in the lobby at any one time.
  • Plexi-glass barrier placed at front desk of Welcome Center (this was done on Friday, June 26th) to protect both visitors and employees.
  • All visitors who wish to interact with employees beyond the lobby in the Welcome Center MUST make an appointment AND wear face coverings during their visit. 
  • Employees who meet with visitors in their offices MUST wear face coverings.
  • Employees who interact with each other inside the Welcome Center MUST wear face coverings.
  • Business office at the Welcome Center will be closed on Friday, July 3rd, for the holiday.

Please remember the following existing adjustments in the Welcome Center:

  • Lobby is open for normal business hours so that property owners, guests, visitors, etc. can easily drop items off or pick items up (should return to this July 6th)
  • To maintain social distancing requirements in the lobby, no more than 3 non-employee people will be allowed in the lobby at any one time.  (should return to this July 6th)
  • “No loitering” sign will remain to ensure no extended length ‘visits’ occur.
  • Payments for maintenance fees should continue to be dropped off, but can be done so at front desk instead of outside, should that be the property owner’s preference.  It is requested that credit card payments be made either over the phone or online when possible.  If credit card payment must be made in person, please call ahead to schedule a time with the staff.
  • Vendors may drop invoices off at the front desk or continue to drop in the box outside.

The second subject of today’s communication is the POA sponsored July 3rd & 4th festivities.  As a result of changes in Governor Abbott’s executive orders issued last week AND knowledge of cancelation of other organized festivities in Leon County, the board of directors agreed that canceling organized activities scheduled for July 4th was the most prudent action to take.  Festival activities -parade, vendor booths, and kids’ zone/attractions – will not take place.  Fireworks scheduled for July 3rd are currently expected to take place as planned, but viewers are encouraged to watch from their homes or automobiles.  Viewers who wish to watch from outside their homes or vehicles are asked to remain in their immediate family groups and practice social distancing from other groups.  Food vendors have been invited to set up both Friday and Saturday. 

The Board of Directors wants to thank property owners for being vigilant in following recommendations previously provided by the federal, state, and county agencies, as well as adhering to specific requirements of executive orders. Please continue to follow these recommendations to help protect yourselves and your community.

Take care!

Annette Craig

President, POA of Hilltop Lakes