2019 Election Notification

Property Owners Association of Hilltop Lakes, Inc.

P.O. Box 1242

Hilltop Lakes, Texas 77871

June 20, 2019

Dear Property Owners,

This is to notify you that the 2019 Election for new board members is just right around the corner.  As most of you know, the Nominating/Election (N/E) Committee last year worked on new procedures and the board passed the procedures. This is a notification to remind you about voting and how to request a mail-in-ballot.

With the new revision of Section 7.2, voting can take place either in person on the day of the election or by mail-in ballot.  Mail–in ballots have to be requested by calling the Welcome Center or sending a request to elections@hilltoplakes.com.  The N/E Committee will forward you a ballot within the required time frame.  It is the Property Owner’s responsibility to mail the ballot back, so it is received by the N/E Committee by the day of voting, November 5, 2019.

The biggest advantage of voting in person is that your vote is strictly confidential. The required information for mail-in-ballots is not required for walk in voting.  Your method of voting is the property owner’s choice.

Remember, if you intend to vote by mail-in-ballot, you will need to request it.  Please make sure your current address is on file at the Welcome Center when you request a ballot.

Warm Regards,

Nominating/Election Committee 2019