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Cherokee Lake

Time for fishing, boating, or just relaxing at the water - Hilltop Lakes has five lakes just for that! Property owners in good standing and their guests when accompanied by that property owner have use of these amenities.


All lakes have been stocked in the last three years with channel catfish, blue catfish, crappie, bass, bluegill, and fathead minnows. Complete rules for fishing are available at the Welcome Center; listed here are the only fish allowed to be kept:  1) bass - 5 fish limit 12" - 18"  2) catfish - 5 fish limit over 12" 3) crappie - 10 fish limit over 10"  4) panfish - 15 fish limit.  Limits are per person, per day.   All others are to be released.


Cherokee Lake breeds over 38.005 acres. Cherokee Lake does have a fishing pier but must prefer to fish around the banks. The area does have a newly constructed gazebo with a picnic table for when you want to take a break from fishing.


  • Fishing
  • Boating


Watercraft having a gasoline motor are allowed on Cherokee Lake ONLY if the motor is in the up position and bagged.


All watercraft powered by gasoline or electric trolling motors and any watercraft that is paddled must have a sticker which can be obtained from the Welcome Center for $10 per watercraft.   Only property owners can acquire a sticker for their watercraft which includes ski boats, bass boats, jon boats, plastic boats, aluminum boats, jet skis, paddleboats, canoes, kayak, etc. Please note that watercraft travels only in a counter clockwise direction. 


Everyone using the facilities must have their Property Owner I.D. Photo Card or written authorization in their possession and be ready to show the Lake Marshall upon request.