When was Hilltop Lakes established?

Hilltop Lakes started out as 4,400 acre ranch bought by J.B. Belin in 1962.

Who owns Hilltop Lakes?

In June of 1998 the Property Owners bought Hilltop Lakes from J.B. Belin. Hilltop Lakes now belongs to the Property Owners.

How big is Hilltop Lakes?

4,400 acres, 150 miles of road, 19 of which are paved. There is a total of 9.983 platted lots. The average size lot it 80'x120'.

What are the monthly dues?

Dues currently run $65.00 per month for property owners who own a house at Hilltop Lakes. Property Owners who do not own a house at Hilltop Lakes pay $35.00 per month.

Are there different levels of membership?

At this time, there is only one level of membership.

How many homes are in Hilltop Lakes?

There are approximately 637 homes.

How many people live in Hilltop Lakes?

Approximately 1,000+ people live in Hilltop Lakes.

Can you build your own home?

Yes. You can contract and/or build your own home subject to the deed restrictions.

Can you use any builder you wish?

Yes. Property owners are allowed to select any builder they wish, provided the builder agrees to abide by the rules and regulations in the deed restrictions.

What is the price range of building lots and homes?

This solely depends on the person you are buying from. A list of local Realtors is available.

What is the minimum square footage you can build?

The square footage varies in the different sections - some sections require 800 sq. ft. minimum while others require up to 1,400 sq. ft minimum.

Who provide utilities?

Water - Hilltop Lakes Water Supply Corporation Sewer - Septic only by property owners Electric - Navasota Valley Electric Coop

Who provides police and fire services?

Leon County Sheriffs Deputies provide security. Hilltop Lakes provides a Volunteer Fire Dept. and a Volunteer E.M.S.

What school district serves Hilltop Lakes?

Normangee I.S.D. which is about 9 miles from Hilltop Lakes.

Are the campgrounds available to anyone?

Yes, there are 38 motor homes spaces, 20 tent sites, a playground, pavilion, and comfort station with showers and courtesy phone available in the wooded campground.

Is the airport open to anyone?

This is a private airport not subject to FAA standards. Land at your own risk. The runway is 3000 ft. paved and the tie-down is within walking distance to the motel and restaurant.

Do you have to be a property owner to use the Motel?

No. Anyone is welcome to stay at Hilltop Lakes.

Are reservations needed for the restaurant?

No. The Overlook Restaurant is open to anyone.

Does Hilltop Lakes welcome vacationers?

Hilltop Lakes is the perfect place for a vacation. Just call for reservations in the motel or campground and try all of our amenities. You just may want to buy a lot.

Does Hilltop Lakes provide any sort of banquet facilities?

Yes. We can provide a room for 5 to 170 people. Whether it's a family reunion or a business meeting, from a bar-b-que buffet to a catered, staffed reception, Hilltop Lakes can supply everything you need for your function.

Is it a public Golf Course?

The Golf Course is for Members, guest of Members or Management, or those staying in the motel or the campground. Members do not pay a green fee.